Information for Undergraduate Students

Room Licence

You are permitted to reside in College in between the dates of your room licence, known as ‘Licence Periods’.

Please note that all students who have gained approval to stay in residence after their room licence has expired will incur an additional nightly charge as specified in your room licence.

For more information on permission to remain in residence please see the Vacation Residence section of the Student Handbook.

Undergraduate Vacation Residence Study Grants

The College will consider applications from undergraduates for grants towards the costs of remaining in Cambridge for the purpose of vacation study. Current Vacation Residence Grant forms will be made available after each vacation period has ended.

Students will be asked to cover 50% of accommodation costs for the days they remain in College during Christmas and the Long Vacation. Hardship and study grant applications will still be considered where applicable, so speak to your tutor if you think you may be eligible.

Keeping Term

There are two parts to obtaining a degree at Cambridge: the most important by far is taking Honours in the necessary Tripos examinations; the other part is that of 'keeping term'.

The University requires all candidates for the B.A. degree to have spent no less than nine Terms in Cambridge and the College has to certify to the University that this is the case for each undergraduate.  In order to 'keep term' an undergraduate must be residing in accommodation approved by the Tutor for no less than 59 nights during the Michaelmas and Lent Terms and 52 nights in the Easter Term. Please note that these figures refer to University Terms rather than Full Terms.

This does not mean that you are obliged to stay in Cambridge for this period continuously, but if you wish to be away from Cambridge for any number of nights you should see your Tutor who will issue you with what is called an 'Exeat'.  When this is presented at the Porters' Lodge and the Exit Book signed, our charges to you for meals are suspended while you are away and most important to us, we know that you are not here.

If an undergraduate fails to 'keep term' it is not possible for the College to certify to the University that the term in question has been kept. This will have very inconvenient consequences for an undergraduate who has otherwise become qualified to take a degree. A more official account of relevant regulations will be found in College Regulations, Regulation II. The Senior Tutor will address this subject further when he talks to all new undergraduates in a group meeting at the beginning of the new academic year, and your own Tutor will be able to clarify any point that is not clear to you.

Information for Postgraduate Students

You are permitted to reside in College in between the dates of your room licence, known as ‘Licence Period’.

Terms of study

Graduate students must keep a specific number of terms of residence and of research as defined by the Statutes and Ordinances.

For a term to be 'kept' a student has to reside in Cambridge for a minimum number of nights (59 for the Michaelmas and Lent Terms and 52 for the Easter Term).

Research students are expected also to be in attendance and actively working on their research between terms, except during periods of holiday agreed with their supervisor, not normally exceeding 8 weeks in a 12-month period. Further information is available here.

Students whose research requires them to spend a period of time away from Cambridge must apply formally for permission to work away via your Camsis self-service page.