Students moving in to St Peter's Terrace

When to arrive and what to do

  • Arrival

    Freshers' Week will start from 28 September 2020. Full Term begins on Tuesday, 6th October. Freshers can arrive from 26th September onwards. Anyone needing to self-isolate should aim to arrive on Monday 14th September. Please indicate the date when you intend to come on the online form. If you expect to arrive by car you will find these maps and directions useful. For this, the beginning of your first term ONLY, the College's Garden Steward gives permission for cars to be parked on the grass in the area between the William Stone Building and the rear of St Peter's Terrace (all shown on the map of the College). Access is via Grove Lane. 

    On arrival at the College you should call at the Porters' Lodge in order to sign the 'Redit Book'. This means you have 'signed in', and we know that you are here. You should always do this whenever you return into residence after an absence from Cambridge. You must also sign out whenever you will be away from the College overnight - in the 'Exit Book'.

    Catering arrangements: Full details of catering services for the coming term can be found here. On Sundays the College does not provide breakfast or lunch from its kitchens. The closest shops to buy groceries are Tesco Express on Hills Road; Sainsbury's on Sidney Street; and Marks and Spencers in Market Square. Please note that some supermarkets in Cambridge are closed until 11am on Sundays - so buy Sunday's breakfast in advance!  

    Post, notices from your Tutor: Post for undergraduates is put in the pigeon-holes in the Porters' Lodge; please collect your post regularly - more than once a day for the first few days, when you will receive a large number of letters and other notices and some will be urgent. Please also check your Cambridge ( email regularly. Information on configuring your Cambridge email on your laptop, tablet or smartphone can be found on the University website. Also, at the bottom of F staircase in Old Court, by the door to the Servery, is the Senior Tutor's Notices board: please read any notices posted there. A second and important notice board, also at the bottom of F staircase, is labelled Tutorial Appointments and Administration. On it you will find shown the times when you are expected to see your Tutor. This will be on the Monday or Tuesday after you arrive. The Tutors and Tutorial Office Manager will communicate by email but notices and general instructions are also produced in paper form and pinned up. 

  • Matriculation

    Information about matriculation will be available nearer to the start of term.


  • Matriculation Dinner

    Information about the matriculation dinner will be available nearer to the start of term.