Gisborne Court

Why give money to the Friends?

The Friends was established in 1979 as a charitable organisation devoted to the support of the College.  The Council of the Friends, composed of alumni, manages the funds accumulated by the Friends, and takes spending decisions independently.  But it works closely with the College and seeks the College’s view of priorities before taking decisions. 

The Friends seek to support the College’s Development Campaign not to compete with it so that donors have a range of ways of helping the College. 

Thus in recent years, when the Development Campaign has been especially concerned with the new Whittle Building in Gisborne Court, the main focus of the Friends' efforts have been the students themselves.  The aim has been to ensure that all bright students, whatever their background or financial circumstances, feel able to apply to Peterhouse; to enable those who are in residence to derive maximum benefit from what Peterhouse has to offer; and to relieve some of the impact on Peterhouse students of the withdrawal of local authority funding for maintenance, the advent of tuition fees, and the diminution in Government financial support for universities.  Accordingly, the Friends, in discussion with the College, has focused its spending on students, particularly the relief of financial hardship, and on College facilities which will be of most use to them.

All the grants which the Friends makes to the College are considered contributions to the Campaign and the Friends are acknowledged in the list of donors for the year in which the grant has been paid over to the College.