Tutors and Directors of Studies 

For matters concerning their day-to-day teaching arrangements undergraduates should consult their Directors of Studies and Supervisors. On all other matters (including wider concerns about the Tripos subject that they are studying) they should see their Tutor or the Senior Tutor. The Tutors and the Senior Tutor have times each weekday during Full Term when they may be consulted without appointment; these times are displayed on the Screens and on the Senior Tutor's Noticeboard. At other times, on urgent matters, Tutors or the Senior Tutor may be contacted via the Duty Porter. If a Tutor or the Senior Tutor asks to see an undergraduate there will almost certainly be some question to be resolved that affects the undergraduate's life in College, academic or otherwise. Undergraduates should therefore visit their Tutor promptly if requested. 

The Tutorial System outlines the expectations and responsibilities of all participants, namely undergraduates, Tutors and teachers.