Life at Peterhouse

Peterhouse is a small and vibrant College with about 75 students in each undergraduate year and about 475 students in total. Peterhouse has a uniquely friendly and welcoming environment, and is close to the main Arts, Engineering and Science faculties and five minutes’ walk from the city centre. Peterhouse has a diverse student body, and the only thing all our students have in common is their commitment and ability for their subject and the drive to work hard. 

There is a wealth of information about Peterhouse on this website, including the current Undergraduate and Postgraduate Student Handbooks.


Our undergraduates come from very diverse backgrounds, all find a welcoming home at Peterhouse. See here for why Peterhouse may be the right college for you, and how to apply.

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Our postgraduates are a highly valued part of Peterhouse and as a result the College has an exceptionally vibrant postgraduate community.

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Even in the digital age the Library is an essential resource for all students. Peterhouse’s Ward Library is a truly exceptional space. 

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The Chapel is a spiritual and contemplative centre and the un-mistakable central geographical landmark of College. 

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We have a number of wheelchair-accessible student bedrooms available and social spaces such as the Theatre, Lubbock Room, JCR and Bar are all wheelchair-accessible. However, due to the age of some of the buildings, there are a number of staircases and other places which may not be accessible to all students. For more information, please consult the University's Disability Resource Centre's guide to Colleges. 

We are happy to consider other requirements such as live-in assistants or assistance dogs, but unfortunately cannot guarantee that these would be possible and would advise you to contact us and the University's Disability Resource Centre before applying. 

See our page on AccessAble for details on accessibility

The close-knit community is great. If you're the type of person who likes to know everyone in your year and feel that, whoever you turn to, you'll be supported, then Peterhouse is the place for you.