The close-knit community is great. If you're the type of person who likes to know everyone in your year and feel that, whoever you turn to, you'll be supported, then Peterhouse is the place for you.
students walking along path in deer park

Life at Peterhouse

Peterhouse is a small and vibrant College with about 75 students in each undergraduate year and about 400 students in total. Peterhouse has a uniquely friendly and welcoming environment, and is close to the main Arts, Engineering and Science faculties and five minutes walk from the city centre. Peterhouse has a diverse student body, and the only thing all our students have in common is their commitment and ability for their subject and the drive to work hard.

Choosing which College to apply to can be daunting, particularly if you haven’t visited Cambridge before. Your College will be your home for the time you spend studying at Cambridge (and indeed the rest of your life!) and we strongly recommend applying to a College you’d feel comfortable in. Most students think their College is the best one, and Peterhouse students are no different! However, the Colleges are all more similar than they are different and the choice of College won’t affect the education you receive. The Admissions Team are always happy to show prospective applicants around or to answer any questions, or you can visit us on an Open Day.

There is a wealth of information about Peterhouse on this website, including the current Student Handbook and College Regulations (including our terms and conditions for students)  or you can download a PDF of the Peterhouse college prospectus which has similar information.