Welcome to Peterhouse

Peterhouse is renowned for its stimulating and friendly atmosphere, the diversity of its students and the range of their academic, extra-curricular and social activities, as well as for the quality of its facilities.

The Chapel

The Chapel sits at the centre of the oldest part of College, and is the building you are most likely to see pictured in connection with Peterhouse.

It stands for a living tradition in the College's life - in particular, the 700-year-old tradition of the College as a place of prayer, enquiry, creativity and community.

730 Years and Counting

Find out more about the history of Peterhouse.

The Hovercraft

Hovercraft are now used throughout the world for many applications, but it all began with the work of Christopher Cockerell, an inventive Peterhouse Engineer.  Through a combination of theory and experiment, Cockerell applied his principle of the ‘momentum curtain’ to trap high-pressure air within the skirt and provide the high-efficiency lift. 

The application of both theory and experiment remains central to our ...