The Senior Tutor is ultimately responsible for operation of the tutorial system. Those involved are the College‚Äôs Tutors, its Directors of Studies, its Supervisors and its students. For a more detailed description of the Roles of Tutors, Supervisors and Directors of Studies please see the current Student Handbook.

For matters concerning day-to-day teaching arrangements, undergraduates should consult their Directors of Studies and Supervisors. On all other matters (including wider concerns about the Tripos subject that they are studying) they should see their Tutor or the Senior Tutor.

The Tutors and the Senior Tutor have times each weekday during Full Term when they may be consulted without appointment; these times are displayed on the Screens and on the Senior Tutor's Noticeboard. At other times, on urgent matters, Tutors or the Senior Tutor may be contacted via the Duty Porter.  

All Junior Members are required to behave in accordance with the College's Statutes and Ordinances.  Potential breaches of the Rules of Behaviour are investigated by the Tutor of Discipline and, where appropriate, he will also determine any post-investigative actions that may be imposed on students.

The Tutorial Office handles all academic administration relating to Junior Members, from matriculation through to graduation. The Tutorial Office is located at the first door past the Porters' Lodge and is open Monday to Friday from 10.00am to 12.00pm and from 2.00pm to 4.00pm. General enquiries should be addressed in the first instance to the Tutorial Office.


Please see the Tutorial pages on the intranet for information about: examinations, grants, tutorial hours, vacation arrangements, keeping term, and writing and study skills support. You will also find grant application forms, forms for requesting letters and a student events booking form.