External callers should dial 01223 before the phone number listed below.

In case of difficulty, please contact the Porter's Lodge on 01223 338200.

Name Subject/Office College No. Dept. No. Email
Professor Andy Parker Master 338229   master@pet.cam.ac.uk
Dr John Adamson History 338200 210354 ja29@cam.ac.uk
Dr Sam Cabot Astronomy & Astrophysics 338256   shcc2@cam.ac.uk
Dr Lea Cantor Philosophy     lyc24@cam.ac.uk
Dr James Carleton Paget Divinity, Praelector, Tutor 338231 763030 jncp1@cam.ac.uk
Dr Graham Christie Chemical Engineering, Biological Sciences, College Lectureship 338241 334166 gc301@cam.ac.uk
Mr Sam Collings-Wells History 338215   sc940@cam.ac.uk
Professor Simon Deakin Law 338233 765339 s.deakin@cbr.cam.ac.uk
Dr Dr Timothy Dickens Chemistry, Tutor for Graduate Admissions, Director of Studies 338263 763811 tkd25@cam.ac.uk
Dr Parwana Fayyaz Persian Studies 331794   pf332@cam.ac.uk
Dr Maya Feile Tomes Spanish 761959   mcf37@cam.ac.uk
Dr Lloyd Fung Applied Mathematics 338200   lsf27@cam.ac.uk
Dr Justin Gerlach Biological Sciences, Director of Studies (Biology) 338236   jg353@cam.ac.uk
Dr Julian Ghosh Law 338200   jg581@cam.ac.uk
Dr Antara Haldar Law 338239   ah447@cam.ac.uk
Revd Dr Stephen Hampton Divinity, Dean, Senior Tutor, Fellow in Theology 338217   swph2@cam.ac.uk
Professor Anders Hansen Mathematics 338258   ach70@cam.ac.uk
Dr Louise Hirst Materials Science, Metallurgy and Physics 338200   lh619@cam.ac.uk
Professor Stephan Hofmann Engineering 338200 748346 sh315@cam.ac.uk
Professor Richard Holton Philosophy 338259   rjh221@cam.ac.uk
Professor Sophie Jackson Chemistry, Tutor for Undergraduate Admissions 338237 762011 sej13@cam.ac.uk
Dr Simon Jackson Director of Music 338220   sjj32@cam.ac.uk
Professor Mari Jones Modern and Medieval Languages (French, Linguistics), Tutor 330859   mcj11@cam.ac.uk
Dr Christopher Lester Physics, Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Physical), Tutor for Graduate Affairs (Science) 338260 337232 lester@hep.phy.cam.ac.uk
Professor Teng Long Engineering   748316 tl322@cam.ac.uk
Dr Sophie Lunn-Rockliffe Theology and Religious Studies, College Lectureship, Tutor for Graduate Affairs (Arts) 338238   sjl39@cam.ac.uk
Mr Scott Mandelbrote History, Tutor for Undergraduate Admissions, Perne Librarian, Ward Librarian 338251   shm24@cam.ac.uk
Dr Ali Mashayek Physics      
Professor Paul Midgley Materials Science 746487 334561 pam33@cam.ac.uk
Dr Aleksandr Montelli Geophysics 331787   am3158@cam.ac.uk
Professor Michael Moriarty Modern and Medieval Languages 338254   mm10005@cam.ac.uk 
Professor Andy Parker Physics 338229 337474 parker@hep.phy.cam.ac.uk
Mr Andrea Peripoli Law, Director of Studies in Law 338200   ap880@cam.ac.uk
Dr Tomislav Plesa Applied Mathematics 338200   tp525@cam.ac.uk
Dr Holly Porter Politics and International Studies 338252   hep44@cam.ac.uk
Dr Charles Read Economic History 331788   cpr34@cam.ac.uk
Professor Jennifer Richards English 338466   jr970@cam.ac.uk
Dr Tim Rittman Clinical Medicine 338200   tr332@medschl.cam.ac.uk
Dr Robert Ritz Economics 338200   rar36@cam.ac.uk
Professor John Robb Archaeology 339004   jer39@cam.ac.uk
Professor Chris Rodgers Biomedical Imaging 338200 336291 ctr28@cam.ac.uk
Dr Robert Ross Russell Medicine 766503   rir20@cam.ac.uk
Dr Magnus Ryan History 338240   mjr28@cam.ac.uk
Professor Brendan Simms History 338234   bps11@cam.ac.uk
Dr Laura Slater History of Art 746486   lss33@cam.ac.uk
Professor Solomos Solomou Economics, Senior Fellow 338262 335226 solomos.solomou@econ.cam.ac.uk
Professor Daniel St Johnston Genetics, Biological Sciences 338200 334127 d.stjohnston@gurdon.cam.ac.uk
Dr Anna Steppler Music 746576   as3540@cam.ac.uk
Dr James Talbot Engineering 338219   jpt1000@cam.ac.uk
Dr Alex Thom Chemistry     ajwt3@cam.ac.uk
Dr Geraint Thomas History 746955   glt22@cam.ac.uk
Dr James Wade English 338200   jpw49@cam.ac.uk
Dr Jennifer Wallace English, Director of Studies in English 338264 748687 jmbw1@cam.ac.uk
Dr Conrad Watt Computer Science 746576   caw77@cam.ac.uk
Dr Alex White Engineering 338265 765310 ajw36@cam.ac.uk
Professor Phil Woodland Engineering 338230 332669 pcw@eng.cam.ac.uk
Mr Ian Wright Senior Bursar 338214   bursar@pet.cam.ac.uk
Dr Nicholas Zair Classics and Linguistics, Director of Studies in Classics, Director of Studies in Linguistics 338268   naz21@cam.ac.uk
Dr András Zsák Mathematics, Tutor for Undergraduate Admissions 338250 764279 a.zsak@dpmms.cam.ac.uk