Fellows walking in the Fellows Garden

Contact Directory

External callers should dial 01223 before the phone number listed below.

In case of difficulty, please contact the Porter's Lodge on 01223 338200.

Name Subject/Office College Dept. Email
Ms Bridget Kendall 39066 master@pet.cam.ac.uk
Dr John Adamson History 338200  210354 ja29@cam.ac.uk
Dr Lorenzo Bondioli History lb932@cam.ac.uk
Dr James Carleton Paget Divinity, Praelector, Tutor 338231 763030 jncp1@cam.ac.uk
Dr Graham Christie Chemical Engineering, Biological Sciences, College Lectureship 338241 (3)34166 gc301@cam.ac.uk
Professor Steven Connor English, Tutor for Graduate Affairs (Arts) 338235 skc45@cam.ac.uk
Professor Simon Deakin Law 338233 765339 s.deakin@cbr.cam.ac.uk
Dr Timothy Dickens Chemistry, Tutor for Graduate Admissions, Director of Studies (3)38263 (7)63811 tkd25@cam.ac.uk
Dr Daisy Dixon Philosophy & Art dd426@cam.ac.uk
Dr Parwana Fayyaz Persian Studies
Dr Maya Feile Tomes Spanish mcf37@cam.ac.uk
Dr Lloyd Fung Applied Mathematics lsf27@cam.ac.uk
Dr Justin Gerlach Biological Sciences, Director of Studies (Biology) (3)38236 jg353@cam.ac.uk
Dr Julian Ghosh Law 338200 jg581@cam.ac.uk
Dr Antara Haldar Law 338239 ah447@cam.ac.uk
Revd Dr Stephen Hampton Divinity, Dean, Senior Tutor, Fellow in Theology 338217 swph2@cam.ac.uk
Dr Anders Hansen Mathematics 338258 ach70@cam.ac.uk
Dr Louise Hirst Materials Science, Metallurgy and Physics lh619@cam.ac.uk
Professor Stephan Hofmann Engineering 338200 748346 sh315@cam.ac.uk
Professor Richard Holton Philosophy 338259 rjh221@cam.ac.uk
Professor Sophie Jackson Chemistry, Tutor for Undergraduate Admissions 338237 762011 sej13@cam.ac.uk
Dr Simon Jackson Director of Music (3)38220 sjj32@cam.ac.uk
Professor Mari Jones Modern and Medieval Languages (French, Linguistics), Tutor
Dr Christopher Lester Physics, Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Physical), Tutor for Graduate Affairs (Science) 338260 337232 lester@hep.phy.cam.ac.uk
Dr Teng Long Engineering tl322@cam.ac.uk
Dr Sophie Lunn-Rockliffe Theology and Religious Studies, College Lectureship sjl39@cam.ac.uk
Mr Scott Mandelbrote History, Tutor for Undergraduate Admissions, Perne Librarian, Ward Librarian 338251 shm24@cam.ac.uk
Dr Christopher Markou Criminal Law cpm49@cam.ac.uk
Professor Paul Midgley Materials Science 741018 334561 pam33@cam.ac.uk
Dr Aleksandr Montelli Geophysics
Professor Michael Moriarty Modern and Medieval Languages  338254 mm10005@cam.ac.uk 
Dr Saskia Murk Jansen Director of Development, Tutor 765007 saskia.murkjansen@pet.cam.ac.uk
Dr Holly Pacey Physics
Professor Andy Parker Physics 338229 337474 parker@hep.phy.cam.ac.uk
Mr Andrea Peripoli Law ap880@cam.ac.uk
Dr Tomislav Plesa Applied Mathematics tp525@cam.ac.uk
Dr Holly Porter Politics and International Studies 38252 hep44@cam.ac.uk
Dr Tim Rittman Clinical Medicine
Dr Robert Ritz Economics 338200 rar36@cam.ac.uk
Professor John Robb Archaeology jer39@cam.ac.uk
Professor Chris Rodgers Biomedical Imaging 338200 336291 ctr28@cam.ac.uk
Dr Robert Ross Russell Medicine 766503 rir20@cam.ac.uk
Dr Magnus Ryan History 338240 mjr28@cam.ac.uk
Professor Brendan Simms History 338234 bps11@cam.ac.uk
Dr Laura Slater History of Art (7)46486 lss33@cam.ac.uk
Professor Solomos Solomou Economics, Senior Fellow 338262 solomos.solomou@econ.cam.ac.uk
Professor Daniel St Johnston Genetics, Biological Sciences 338200 334127 d.stjohnston@gurdon.cam.ac.uk
Dr James Talbot Engineering 338219 764099 jpt1000@cam.ac.uk
Professor Andrew Tanentzap Plant Sciences, Biological Sciences 338200 ajt65@cam.ac.uk
Dr Geraint Thomas History glt22@cam.ac.uk
Dr Giulia Torino Urban Studies gt363@cam.ac.uk
Dr James Wade English
Dr Jennifer Wallace English, Director of Studies in English 338264 jmbw1@hermes.cam.ac.uk
Dr Conrad Watt Computer Science
Dr Alex White Engineering 338265 765310 ajw36@cam.ac.uk
Professor Phil Woodland Engineering 338230 332669 pcw@eng.cam.ac.uk
Mr Ian Wright Senior Bursar 338214 bursar@pet.cam.ac.uk
Dr Nicholas Zair Classics and Linguistics, Director of Studies in Classics, Director of Studies in Linguistics 338268  naz21@cam.ac.uk
Dr András Zsák Mathematics, Tutor for Undergraduate Admissions 338250 764279 a.zsak@dpmms.cam.ac.uk