External callers should dial 01223 before the phone number listed below.

In case of difficulty, please contact the Porters' Lodge on 01223 338200.

College Officers

 College Officer Name Phone Email
Senior Tutor Revd Dr Stephen Hampton 338217 senior.tutor@pet.cam.ac.uk
Tutorial Office Manager Mrs Jackie Mahony 768879 tutorial@pet.cam.ac.uk
Tutor for Discipline Dr Graham Christie 338241 gc301@cam.ac.uk
Graduate Admissions Tutor Dr Timothy Dickens 338263 postgraduates@pet.cam.ac.uk
Graduate Tutor (Arts) Dr Sophie Lunn Rockliffe 338238 postgraduates@pet.cam.ac.uk
Graduate Tutor (Sciences) Dr Christopher Lester 338260 postgraduates@pet.cam.ac.uk
Undergraduate Tutor Professor Mari Jones 330859 mcj11@cam.ac.uk
Undergraduate Tutor Dr James Carleton Paget 338231 jncp1@cam.ac.uk
Undergraduate Tutor Dr Saskia Murk Jansen 765007 saskia.murkjansen@pet.cam.ac.uk
Undergraduate Tutor Revd Dr Stephen Hampton 338217 stephen.hampton@pet.cam.ac.uk
Undergraduate Admissions Tutor Mr Scott Mandelbrote (Arts) 338251 admissions@pet.cam.ac.uk
Undergraduate Admissions Tutor Dr András Zsák (Sciences) 338250 admissions@pet.cam.ac.uk
Senior Bursar Mr Ian Wright 338214 bursar@pet.cam.ac.uk
Steward Dr Alex White 338265 ajw36@cam.ac.uk
Wine Steward Dr Magnus Ryan 338240 mjr28@cam.ac.uk
Praelector Dr James Carleton Paget 768880 jncp1@cam.ac.uk
Development Director Dr Saskia Murk Jansen 765007 saskia.murkjansen@pet.cam.ac.uk
Dean Revd Dr Stephen Hampton 338217 stephen.hampton@pet.cam.ac.uk
Assistant Chaplain & Welfare Officer Revd Jennifer Adams-Massmann 38249 j.adams-massmann@pet.cam.ac.uk
Honorary Archivist Dr RW Lovatt   rwl1001@cam.ac.uk
Editor of the Peterhouse Annual Record Dr P Pattenden 38200 pp215@cam.ac.uk




Accommodation & Housekeeping      
Accommodation & Housekeeping Manager Mrs Corinne Davidson 760007 rooms@pet.cam.ac.uk
Accommodation Officer Mrs Karen Austin 760364 rooms@pet.cam.ac.uk
Assistant Housekeeper Mrs Marie Beaumont 338209 housekeeper@pet.cam.ac.uk
Senior Janitor Mr Paul Yarrow   paul.yarrow@pet.cam.ac.uk
Admissions Office      
Admissions Co-ordinator/Schools Liaison Manager   338223 admissions@pet.cam.ac.uk
Outreach Manager/Schools Liaison Officer Ms Itziar Banerjee Martin 338211 slo@pet.cam.ac.uk
Schools Liaison Officer/Admissions Assistant  Ms Catherine Walker 336294 slo@pet.cam.ac.uk
Manciple Mr Matthew Speller 338206 matthew.speller@pet.cam.ac.uk
Catering Manager Mr Peter Larman 338255 peter.larman@pet.cam.ac.uk
Catering and Events Administrator Mr Simon Cooke 338242 simon.cooke@pet.cam.ac.uk
Head Chef Mr Joe Brown 338243 joe.brown@pet.cam.ac.uk
Wine Cellar Manager Mr Duncan Hay 338208 duncan.hay@pet.cam.ac.uk
General Kitchen Number   338207  
Head Butler Mr Armando Tommaso 338221 butlers@pet.cam.ac.uk
Senior Butler Mr Ivan Diaz Malagon 338221 butlers@pet.cam.ac.uk
Finance Office      
Finance Manager Mr Jeremy Boyd 338204 jeremy.boyd@pet.cam.ac.uk
Project Accountant Mrs Jill Slater 338224 jill.slater@pet.cam.ac.uk
Accountant Mr Chris Hayden 761658 purchaseledger@pet.cam.ac.uk
Catering Accounts Administrator Mrs Karen Simmonett 338203 fellowacs@pet.cam.ac.uk
Fees & Billings Supervisor Mrs Nicki Caulkett 339245 studentbills@pet.cam.ac.uk
Enquiries     acqueries@pet.cam.ac.uk
College Office      
Executive Assistant to the Fellowship & Senior Bursar Mrs Justine Kent 338202 justine.kent@pet.cam.ac.uk 
Executive Assistant to the Master & Covid-19 Executive Lead  Mrs Alison Pritchard-Jones 766271 alison.pritchard-jones@pet.cam.ac.uk
Administrative Assistant Mrs Bertha Lau 338257 bertha.lau@pet.ac.uk
Computer Office Please direct support queries to: helpdesk@pet.cam.ac.uk
I.T Manager Mr Will Clarke 338226 will.clarke@pet.cam.ac.uk
Asst. Computer Officer Ms Antonia Irvine 338253 antonia.irvine@pet.cam.ac.uk
Windows System Administrator Mr Louis Salin 338253 louis.salin@pet.cam.ac.uk
Conference Manager Ms Anne Gifford 338205 anne.gifford@pet.cam.ac.uk
Development Office      
Deputy Director of Development Mrs Ann Munro 765188 ann.munro@pet.cam.ac.uk
Communications & Engagement Officer Ms Ellissa Chilley 746984 ellissa.chilley@pet.cam.ac.uk
Events & Development Officer  Ms Megan Freeman 331403 megan.freeman@pet.cam.ac.uk
Database & Development Assistant Mr Nick Townsend 765187 nick.townsend@pet.cam.ac.uk
Head Gardener Mr Daniel Ford 338266 daniel.ford@pet.cam.ac.uk
HR Manager Mrs Belinda Steel 766502 belinda.steel@pet.cam.ac.uk
Payroll and Pensions Manager Ms Helen Walker 330836 helen.walker@pet.cam.ac.uk
Librarian, Ward Library Ms Sarah Anderson 338218 sarah.anderson@pet.cam.ac.uk
Assistant Librarian Dr Roz Green 338218 rosalind.green@pet.cam.ac.uk
M&E Foreman Mr Ian Miller 338210 ian.miller@pet.cam.ac.uk
Maintenance Team Manager Mr Tony Jordan 338210 tony.jordan@pet.cam.ac.uk
College Nurse & Health Centre      
College Nurse Mrs Natasha Kear 338222 college.nurse@pet.cam.ac.uk
Porter's Lodge      
Head Porter Mr Ian Blatchford 338200 plodge@pet.cam.ac.uk
Tutorial Office      
Tutorial Office Manager Mrs Jackie Mahony 768879 tutorial@pet.cam.ac.uk
Tutorial Administrator Mrs Amanda Groom 766587 amanda.groom@pet.cam.ac.uk
Tutorial Administrator (Maternity Cover)

Miss Marta Fernández Suárez 

338201 marta.fernandez@pet.cam.ac.uk
Tutorial Assistant Ms Lisa Newman 760922 lisa.newman@pet.cam.ac.uk
Praelector's & Tutorial Office Secretary Mrs Celia Sievewright 768880 celia.sievewright@pet.cam.ac.uk