Postgraduate applicants to Cambridge often spend much less time thinking about which college to apply to than they might. But the choice of college can make a big difference to your Cambridge experience – and it can be very difficult to change colleges once you arrive. At Peterhouse we work hard to make the postgraduate experience academically and socially enriching. The postgraduate community at Peterhouse numbers around 137, and includes one-year, two-year and three-year students: that is, there are postgraduate students working for the degree of M.Phil and other degree and diploma courses, usually in one year but sometimes in two; and there are those studying for the PhD. The postgraduate students are drawn largely and from outside the college, and represent a very wide variety of subjects, nationalities and backgrounds.

But the fact that we are smaller than many other colleges – even though, as the first college in Cambridge, we have been around for a long time – means that we are able to provide an environment that is friendly, intimate and informal. Besides being entitled to share with our undergraduates all of the College’s academic and recreational facilities, the postgraduates have their own common room (the MCR), which takes newspapers and magazines. The Peterhouse Postgraduate Society manages postgraduate affairs, organising special events and dinners, as well as meetings on a variety of topics.

Postgraduates can normally expect to be accommodated by the College for the full duration of their courses, up to three years. In many cases we are also able to offer accommodation to students needing to go into a fourth year. The College possesses a small number of flats that are suitable for married students, including those with children.

Peterhouse offers a number of fully-funded postgraduate studentships for PhD students, home/EU and overseas. Applicants must apply through the online application system. You need to make sure that the Faculty to which you apply also considers you for all University studentships for which you are eligible. You will find useful information on the University’s Postgraduate Funding page. Note that your application for a PhD is made to the University and not to Peterhouse. You can make your application for Peterhouse Postgraduate Studentships at the same time as your university application. Funds are also available to make grants to assist postgraduates with certain research-related expenses.

We are very keen to hear from applicants who can make a contribution to the social and academic life of Peterhouse, and encourage applicants to let us know about what they might bring to college life. We hope that you will find all of the information you need on our website, but please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

The Tutorial Office, Peterhouse, Cambridge, CB2 1RD, United Kingdom.


Telephone: 01223 768879


If you are just starting as a new Postgraduate Student at Peterhouse see here for useful information and download our Postgraduate Student Handbook.