Postgraduate Accommodation

Peterhouse houses all postgraduate students for their 1-year course or for the first three years of PhD courses.  Room licences run from 1st October - 1st September each year and will roll on for continuing postgraduates.  Students wishing to leave before the end of their licence are able so to do with a month's notice to vacate, organised through the accommodation office.  Rents are paid on a monthly basis and are inclusive of bills and insurance.  Rents fall roughly into the following bands:

Room in shared accommodation 2024/25:

Band 1: £408/month

Band 2: £464/month

Band 3: £520/month

Band 4: £563/month

Band 5: £606/month

Band 6: £650/month

Band 7: £693/month

Band 8: £736/month

Self-contained accommodation:

Band 9: £848/month - studio flat

Band 10: £971/month - Cosin Court 1 bedroom flat

Band 11: £1033/month - 1-bedroom flat

Band 12: £1095/month - large 1-bedroom flat

Band 13: £1281/month - 2-bedroom flat

Band 14: £1404/month - large 2-bedroom flat

Peterhouse accommodation is fully furnished and the rents are inclusive of all bills and insurance (apart from some of the Parkside flats where Wi-fi is not included).

Most of the accommodation is in rooms, with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities.  All student rooms are equipped with a connection to the University's high speed network for internet and email.  The College also has a small number of self-contained flats suitable for couples; there is very limited accommodation suitable for couples with with children.

Before arrival, new postgraduates are asked to indicate their preferences through the accommodation system so the College can allocated on a 'best fit' basis within the constraints of available room stock.

Peterhouse is a certified Accreditation Network UK landlord – we follow the code of practice for the management of student accommodation, which sets out expected standards of service in accommodation provision for students. 

Please visit for further information on this.


There are two ANUK/Unipol National Codes:

The ANUK / National Code for accommodation owned or managed by educational establishments

Please take a look at the codes that are followed throughout Peterhouse accommodation.


Cosin Court

Built in the 1970s, there is a mixture of accommodation overlooking a central garden.  Laundry facilities are available in the court.  This accommodation houses around five fellows as well as about fifty postgraduates.  The space offers six 2-bedroom flats, thirteen 1-bedroom flats, two studios, and nine flat shares (four for 4 people and five for 3 people).  Rents fall into bands 5-8 for a room in a shared flat or bands 9-12 for self-contained flats.  Some of these flats have undergone extensive refurbishment recently with an ongoing programme resuming summer 2023.Cosin Court


Fitzwilliam Street

These grade 2 listed terraced houses were built for the professional classes in the early 19th Century.  Largely used as undergraduate accommodation, there are three flats in 21FWS – one a share for three students (rent bands are 3-7 in this flat) and two basement studio flats in rent band 9.  24FWS has 1-bedroom flats shared between fellows and postgraduates.  The rents on these flats range from bands 11-12.Fitzwilliam Street



Parkside houses were developed from around 1830 on the, then, edge of the city; with views over the park, these were prestigious family homes.  There are seven houses owned by the College.  Five houses offer around thirty five rooms with shared bathrooms, lounges and kitchens; rents fall into bands 2-8.  Three of the houses offer ten studio, 1-bedroom, or 2-bedroom flats with rents in bands 9-14.  Some of these houses have been recently refurbished.Parkside


St. Peter’s Terrace

St. Peter’s Terrace is a row of seven grade 2 listed Georgian houses built in around 1850.  The houses are used for undergraduate fresher accommodation as well as some offices and fellows’ rooms/sets.  Along the seven basements are 2-bedroom flats for graduates or fellows; rents are in band 14.  Located to the south of the College site, they are accessible by Trumpington Street, or through the College Deer Park.St. Peter's Terrace


Tunwells Court

Dating back to the 16th Century, Tunwells Court is a unique, historic building, which underwent a 2-year renovation project to completely restore the space.  There are four 1-bedroom flats and one 2-bedroom flat.  These flats offer accommodation to both fellows and graduates.  Prices are in band 11-13.Tunwells Court


Warkworth Street

Part of a conservation area, Warkworth Street was built in the 1880s.  The College owns six houses on Warkworth Street offering around forty five rooms with shared lounges, kitchens, and bathrooms.  Houses typically have seven or eight student rooms.  Many of these properties have undergone recent refurbishment.  Rents fall into bands 1-8.Warkworth Street