How do I pick?

The most important decision you will make in your University career is which course to study. It's important that you choose a course that suits you. There are a number of courses available at Cambridge, and it can be difficult to choose which course will suit you best, but we're here to help! Is there a subject you really love at school? Is there something you’re particularly good at?

We recommend browsing our Courses pages, to give yourself an idea of the course content and entrance requirements. Making an effort to explore your subject before applying to university can help you make sure you’re making the right choice – if you don’t want to learn about your subject beyond the classwork you do, maybe it isn’t quite right for you! Make sure it's something you want to spend the next three to four years focusing on; don't choose a course based on what other people expect of you.

Once you've got an idea of the course(s) you're interested in, why not visit us on an Open Day!


Course information

Our course pages will give you an idea of content and entrance requirements. All our courses at Peterhouse are run centrally by the University Departments, but our pages are special because Peterhouse Fellows have taken the time to describe how they view studying their subject at our College!

As a student here, your Director of Studies (typically a Fellow of your College) is responsible for arranging your ‘supervisions’ and providing more general guidance on academic matters. Beyond this, your College is your home within the university, where you will do the majority of your eating, sleeping and socialising.

The Peterhouse course pages include commentary on course structure and teaching methods, as well as notes on admissions procedures and entrance requirements. Entrance requirements give the typical offers for A level students. If you are studying for qualifications other than A levels, the corresponding information is provided on the University website.


Unavailable courses

It's worth noting at this stage that there are some courses offered by Cambridge that are not available at Peterhouse. These are: Education; Geography; Land Economy; Psychological and Behavioural Sciences; and Veterinary Medicine.