Why Peterhouse?

We have incorporated observations and comments from a variety of recent students as they are undoubtedly the best people to give you an idea of what the College is really like. The MCR have also produced their own Guide for New Petreans.

Peterhouse and all of its accommodation is centrally located, but off the tourist trail and in a relatively quiet part of town. The majority of academic sites students will need to visit are within a ten minute walk (shorter by bicycle), with shops and amenities also close by. The College occupies a surprisingly spacious site, including extensive gardens, both formal and informal. These are a well-kept secret even in Cambridge and provide a peaceful haven for study or relaxation during the summer months.

Peterhouse is strikingly pretty and features a range of historic buildings, some of which date back to the College's foundation. There is a real sense of history as our students live, work and play in buildings which have been in continuous use for over 700 years.