Dr Lloyd Fung

Lloyd completed an M.Eng. in Aeronautical Engineering at the Department of Aeronautics of Imperial College London in 2017, with a year in industry working in Rolls-Royce. Funded by the President's scholarship of Imperial, he continued to pursue a PhD in the same department under the supervision of Dr Yongyun Hwang. After growing weary of the simplicity of man-made objects, Lloyd became increasingly fascinated by the complexity and beauty of nature's design language. He is particularly interested in the modelling of biological phenomena across scales. Nature designs organisms from the cellular level but often manifests its beauty at the macroscopic scale through the collective self-organisation or synchronisation of cellular physics. Lloyd's research revolves around understanding emergent phenomena in biology by a combination of advanced computational and mathematical techniques.

In his PhD, Lloyd explored the collective behaviour of bottom-heavy algal species. He tackled the challenge of modelling the collective transport of motile organisms in a complex flow environment. His current focus is on extending the same method to describe the sedimentation of plankton that fixes carbon in the ocean, which may have direct implications on the ocean's capacity to absorb carbon.


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Applied Mathematics