Mr Andrea Peripoli

I hold law degrees from the Universities of Bologna, Cambridge, and EUI, where I am completing my PhD. So far, I have taught EU law, Roman law, labour law, and law and economics at Cambridge and LSE.

My research focuses on the links between juridical concepts and socio-economic processes: what does law understand by ‘the market’? To answer this question, my work branches out in two directions. On the one hand, I study the relationship between legal concepts and socio-economic reality as a process of representation. On the other hand, and focusing on European trade law as a case study, I try to assess how different legal representations of ‘the market’ influence the interpretation of labour rights by the European Court of Justice.

In my research, I apply insights from various disciplines – e.g. cognitive sciences, game theory, and economic sociology – to understand how legal concepts handle and retain complex information about social reality. 


Key Information

Director of Studies in Law, Bye-Fellow