Dr Tomislav Plesa

My research includes analyzing, characterizing and applying mathematical models in the context of biology. I am particularly interested in synthetic biology - an interdisciplinary field of science which aims to design biochemical systems that behave in a desired manner. From a biological perspective, my work is focused on elucidating design principles of living systems, and investigating some of the major challenges that are faced when biochemical systems are designed, controlled and experimentally implemented. From a mathematical perspective, I focus on constructing deterministic and stochastic dynamical systems that can be realized using biological substrates. My research publications are available on Google Scholar.

I have completed my doctoral research in the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford in 2018, and postdoctoral research in the Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College London in 2021, before joining Peterhouse as a lecturer and fellow.


Key Information

Director of Studies in Mathematics


Applied Mathematics