A picture of students on graduation day

Graduation and Congregations

Students or alumni who are eligible to receive their degrees may do so at Congregations of the Regent House held on Saturdays at regular intervals throughout the year.  The College Praelector, Dr James Carleton Paget, is responsible for presenting students at Congregations when they receive their degrees.

Any member of Peterhouse who has fulfilled the appropriate examination and residence requirements may proceed to their degree at Congregation.  The College will contact those students who it expects to present for their 'first' degrees at General Admission over the Easter Vacation (i.e. students reading for M.Math, M.Eng., M.Sci. and B.A. degrees).

The Board of Graduate Studies informs graduate students when they have been approved for their degrees and asks them to contact the College to make the necessary arrangements to have their degrees conferred at Congregation.  Please note that graduate students are not automatically entered for graduation – they must register for a specific Congregation.

The College will not put forward anyone for graduation who has not settled their College and University bills.

If you wish to put your name forward to receive your degree at any Congregation you will need to contact the Praelector's Secretary.  Please note that graduation applications must be submitted at least 14 days before the date of the graduation ceremony.  Graduands may be presented in person or in absentia.

Information about the graduation ceremony itself, including guidance on academical dress, guests and the dates of forthcoming Congregations, may be found here.  Please note that in the case of General Admission, Peterhouse students always graduate on the given Wednesday.

Please Note: Attention for Guests at Congregations - For safety and security, rucksacks, holdalls, shopping bags or bags larger than 35cm x 25cm will not be allowed into the Senate-House or the surrounding grounds.  If you bring them, you may be asked to make alternative arrangements for their storage, or you may be denied entry to the event.  If you need to keep your bag with you, you must seek assistance from a Proctor/Constable who will check the contents of your bag prior to entry to the Senate-House. Please allow sufficient time for the additional delays this may cause.

INFORMATION UPDATED ON 15 JULY 2021: Covid-secure arrangements for Congregations after 19 July to mid-September.

The University has carefully planned Congregations to be COVID secure, taking advice from Public Health, the Cambridge Safety Advisory Group and its own Safety Office.  Even though the Government removed the remaining legal restrictions on public gatherings from 19 July, the University still has a duty of care towards all those who attend or work at events that it manages and must take account of the potential impact on the local community and so has determined that the current arrangements will remain.  Those being, without guests attending, face coverings to be worn at specified times, social distancing with a live stream of the event available.

Any changes in the future will be communicated to Colleges and then via Colleges to participants.

Please contact your College to confirm which Congregations they will be presenting Graduands at BEFORE making any arrangements.

If you have any questions, please contact the Praelector's Secretary, Mrs Celia Sievewright on celia.sievewright@pet.cam.ac.uk


Please note that while restrictions due to Covid-19 remain, those opting to graduate in absence will retain the option to attend a later occasion to have their degree 'celebrated', but once Congregations in-person and with guests resume, from that point those opting to graduate in absence would no longer be able to attend a later occasion to have their degree 'celebrated'.  

The usual rule is that you may only proceed to your degree once.  If you proceed to your degree in absence, you cannot then take it again in person at a later time but there are no time constraints or deadlines as to when you must have your degree conferred. (With the exception of the MB).

Please refer to the University website below for further information: