The Undergraduate Student Handbook and Postgraduate Student Handbook are intended to provide information for students at Peterhouse: how the Tutorial system works, what you need to know about living in College accommodation, arrangements for the start and end of Term and vacation residence for Undergraduates, and the end of tenancy for graduates. It also includes information on College catering, administration and billing procedures. 

The Handbooks also contain specific information for those students living in College accommodation, including details of the terms and conditions which apply to College accommodation and which will, in conjunction with the Room Licence, govern the occupancy as licensee of all Junior Members. Peterhouse is committed to managing its Junior Member accommodation in accordance with the relevant provisions of the ANUK / Unipol Code of Standards for Larger Residential Developments for student accommodation managed and controlled by educational establishments.      

The Handbooks may be updated from time to time during the academic year. The most up to date versions will always be available to download from this page.

The Handbooks must be read in conjunction with the booklet of College Regulations (CR), issued by the Senior Tutor, as well as the notices circulated and / or posted by other College Officers. Further useful information can be found on the College website, the JCR and MCR websites, and on the Cambridge students website

The College welcomes comments and suggestions about the services it provides and Junior Members are encouraged to communicate any causes for concern, either academic or non-academic. Further details can be found in the Peterhouse Complaints Procedure and Complaints Form. In addition, the College issues the following procedures:

You might also be interested interested in the Moodle Consent Matters training which is provided by the University.

Students experiencing bullying or sexual harassment may wish to speak to their Tutor, consult the college's Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Procedure, or visit the University's Breaking the Silence website.