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Directors of Studies

Directors of Studies are responsible for advising and directing undergraduates on their academic work.  They are responsible for engaging supervisors on behalf of the College and for exercising a general oversight of teaching and learning in their Tripos subject and for giving general advice on it. They communicate with the Senior Tutor and Tutors, as appropriate, about the progress of undergraduates, in particular about any difficulties that affect an undergraduate’s academic performance.

For a more detailed description of the Roles of Tutors, Supervisors and directors of Studies please see the current Student Handbook.


Archaeology Professor J. Robb  
Professor P. Russell (ASNC)
Architecture Professor A. Short (Department of Architecture)
AMES Dr F. Melville (AMES)  
Classics Dr T.G. Barnes  
Comp Science Dr R.D. Mullins (St John's College)  
Economics  Dr S. Solomou (Away Michaelmas 2019)  
  Dr R.A. Ritz  
Engineering Dr J. Talbot 1st yr
  Professor P. Woodland 2nd yr
  Dr T. Long 3rd yr
  Dr A. White 4th yr
Chem Eng Dr G. Christie  
Manu Eng Dr T. Long  
English Professor S.K. Connor 1st yr
  Dr J.M.B. Wallace 2nd & 3rd yr
Geography Dr B. Vira (Fitzwilliam College)  
History Dr G.L. Thomas 1st & 2nd yr
  Dr M.J.Ryan 3rd yr
History with Politics Professor L.D. Anadon (POLIS) 1st yr
  Dr G.L. Thomas 2nd yr
  Dr M.J. Ryan 3rd yr
HSPS Professor L.D. Anadon (POLIS)  
  Professor J. Robb  
HPS Dr R.C. Jennings (Dept of H.P.S.)  
History of Art Dr L Tantardini (Dept of History of Art)  
Land Economy Professor M.J. Dixon (Dept of Land Economy)  
Law Professor S.F. Deakin  
Linguistics Dr T. Barnes  
Management Studies Dr N. Oraiopoulos (Judge Institute)  
Mathematics Dr A. Zsak 1st & 3rd yr
  Dr J. Hofmann 2nd yr
  Dr A.C. Hansen 4th yr
MML Professor M. Moriarty  
Medical Sciences Dr R.I. Ross Russell  
Music Dr J.R. Thurlow (Robinson College)  
Natural Sciences Dr J. Gerlach - Biological 1st, 3rd & 4th yr
  Dr G. Christie - Biological 2nd yr
  Dr C.G. Lester - Physical  
Philosophy Professor R.J. Holton  
Theology Dr J.N. Carleton Paget