Each year Peterhouse admits about 80 undergraduates studying for their first degree. Our undergraduates are drawn from a diverse range of educational, cultural and social backgrounds and we welcome applicants from all types of schools both in the UK and abroad. We are committed to offering the widest possible access to Cambridge based on academic ability, achievement and the potential to achieve. 

Choosing which College to apply to can be daunting, particularly if you haven’t visited Cambridge before. Your College will be your home for the time you spend studying at Cambridge (and indeed the rest of your life!) and we strongly recommend applying to a College you’d feel comfortable in. Most students think their College is the best one, and Peterhouse students are no different! However, the Colleges are all more similar than they are different and the choice of College won’t affect the education you receive. The Admissions Team are always happy to show prospective applicants around or to answer any questions, or you can visit us. 

If you are predicted, or have secured, high grades in your school leaving exams we would strongly encourage you to think about applying. For entrance requirements for specific subjects, see our  courses.

We hope that you will find all of the information you need on our website, but please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or if you wish to arrange a visit. 

Why Peterhouse?

Peterhouse is a vibrant College and a beautiful, fun place to live. See here for the many reasons why Peterhouse may be the right college for you, from its central location and great facilities to its supportive, friendly atmosphere. 

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Peterhouse has a strong tradition of academic excellence in both Arts and Sciences. This page gives general information on the teaching system in Cambridge and facilities in Peterhouse. Our Courses pages give much more detail on individual courses.

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Peterhouse is able to accommodate all our undergraduates and we are able to provide some of the cheapest accommodation in Cambridge. 

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How to Apply

Details of how to apply to Peterhouse: how the process works and what we look for .

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Meet the Directors of Studies

Are you considering Peterhouse as your college? Your Directors of Studies will guide you through your academic courses, so one of the best ways to make your decision is to learn more about your Director of Studies on our subjects pages.

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Offer Holders and Freshers

Information for offer-holders and new students about to start studying at Peterhouse: what do you need to do, and when?

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Current Applicants

Information for current applicants: now that you have applied, what happens next?

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