"The day in general has been very good and enriching. The staff members are also very knowledgeable, professional and relatable."

The Admissions Team

We at Peterhouse are always happy to help prospective students, parents or teachers. You can phone or email us, look us up on The Student Room, Facebook or follow us on Twitter. We have two Schools Liaison Officers, an Admissions Coordinator and three Admissions Tutors.

Catherine Rowley, Amber-Page Moss, and Catherine Walker are Peterhouse's Schools Liaison Team.

Catherine R is the Admissions Coordinator and Schools Liaison Manager and graduated from Queens' College in 2015 with a degree in Law. She then moved onto Murray Edwards College, where she worked for 4 years, before joining Peterhouse in October 2019. Catherine attended a selective school in Wolverhampton. Her first point of agenda upon starting was to push for an Admissions Office cat, although she now has two cats of her own. She is a keen veg grower, and in her spare time she enjoys teaching herself German and Swedish, playing with her cats and updating their Instagram.

Amber-Page is the Outreach Manager. After attending an academy in Liverpool, she studied Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, at Sidney Sussex College. She graduated in 2015 and taught secondary English for two years before beginning her role at Peterhouse. In her spare time she writes spoken-word poetry, performs in plays, and is currently trying to learn Japanese! She loves to talk at length about the history of Anglo-Saxon Merseyside and the etymology of English place-names. 

Catherine W studied Human, Social, and Political Sciences at Queens' College and graduated last summer. She followed the Politics track and, inspired by many hours watching The West Wing, wrote her dissertation on 'Political Rhetoric and the US Presidency'. She is from Lewisham, in South-East London, and attended a selective academy. At the weekends, Catherine enjoys exploring the many cafes/pubs/events that Cambridge has to offer with her friends. 

Lily Ingram is the Access Officer for the JCR, the undergraduate student committee.

Scott Mandelbrote is the College's Admissions Tutor in the Arts, whilst Sophie Jackson and András Zsák are Admissions Tutors in the Sciences. All are very happy to answer any questions you may have, but contact should be made through the Admissions Office.

The Admissions Office, Peterhouse, Cambridge, CB2 1RD, United Kingdom.

Email: admissions@pet.cam.ac.uk
Tel: 01223 338223 or 01223 768877

For enquiries about Postgraduate Admissions, email graduates@pet.cam.ac.uk.

"The day in general has been very good and enriching. The staff members are also very knowledgeable, professional and relatable."