Health & Wellbeing

At Peterhouse we make every effort to support our students in achieving their full potential. The following resources are available to all junior members in support of their health, wellbeing and general welfare throughout their studies.

Current members can follow the links below for more information or to book an appointment.

How to access support

Students seeking support relating to health and wellbeing can book appointments with the College Nurse and Wellbeing Advisor (at Peterhouse Health Centre) or the Mental Health Advisor, both of whom are qualified health professionals with many years of experience. We also have a part-time College Counsellor who is available by referral from the nurse or mental health advisor, so please speak with them first. 

Students can also access counselling through the Cambridge University Counselling Service (UCS). Links to all kinds of support from the university can be found at the central student support website here as well. 

General welfare

The Assistant Chaplain & Welfare Officer is available to discuss general welfare issues or signpost towards appropriate support within the College or University. Students can contact her here for an appointment. 

The College Tutors have general oversight of all aspects of the life of students in their charge during their time at Peterhouse. They are responsible for their academic, social and financial well-being.

For advice and guidance for prospective and current disabled students, it is possible to attend the Cambridge University Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre. Their advisors can assist students in accessing a range of services providing support throughout their studies.

The JCR and MCR have Student Welfare Representatives who can provide peer support and advice to fellow students. The Welfare Officer and members of the JCR & MCR also organise workshops and welfare activities in College.