Admissions Assessments

Most applicants need to take a written or verbal test as part of their Cambridge application. Your assessment will be relevant to the subject you’ve applied for. We take your assessment performance into account alongside the other elements of your application. Tests can take place before we shortlist you for interview, at interview or afterwards, depending on your subject.

To find out the test you will need to take please consult the University website.  

How do we use Admissions Assessments?

Admissions Assessments are used for different purposes for different subjects. For Arts and Humanities courses, they may be trying to see how you respond to new information, or sources you’ve never seen before. Everyone should be on a level playing field, as often these assessments are to be skills-based, rather than knowledge based.For Maths and Sciences, assessments will encourage you to apply A-Level knowledge in new and challenging ways. There may be less guidance than in an A-Level exam, or they may present information in a new way. This is all about how you apply and interpret the knowledge you’ve learnt in class.

How can I prepare for an Admissions Assessment?

For all assessments, preparation is key. Past papers, mark schemes and sample papers will all be available online. Make sure you practice them, familiarise yourself with the format, and get to grips with what skills come up often.

Access Arrangements and Extra Time

It is always best to inform whoever is organising your test of any special requirements you have for the assessment. If you are sitting the LNAT, UCAT, ESAT, or TMUA  please inform your test centre as early as possible of any special requirements. Access arrangements are available if you have a disability or you are entitled to support for other exams. 

Examples of access arrangements might include, but are not limited to: use of a laptop/computer, extra time, spate invigilation or enlarged papers. Your centre will ask for full details of your special requirement, ask you for a copy of medical evidence and ask you to submit the request for access arrangements, if appropriate.

You can also request special consideration if you experienced issues on the day of the test such as temporary illness, injury or indisposition at the time of the test. You will need to complete an online form within five working days of the test day.