More information about the course can be found on the University and Department websites. For a student's perspective on life as a Architecture student at Peterhouse, have a look at the JCR's alternative prospectus.

  • Course requirements

    We do not have any previous subject requirements for Architecture, aside from being on track to meet or exceed the typical offer conditions. It is advantageous for applicants for Architecture to be studying either Physics or Mathematics alongside a practical art course such as Art, Textiles or Graphic Design. A third subject from this list of five is desirable, as is a humanities course or a language-based subject. If it is not possible to study practical art course to a high level in school, we highly recommend extra-curricular art classes. Please note it is not possible to study Architecture as an affiliated student.

  • The application process

    We ask all our Architecture candidates to bring to their interview a portfolio of work showing a range of representational skills using line, tone and colour: the work should indicate a development of these skills over a period of time. An interest in architecture should be clear from at least some of the work in the portfolio, and a study of a building or a group of buildings with drawings of both internal and external spaces is encouraged, as is the inclusion of any sketch books or sketch diaries the candidates may keep.

    Candidates will generally have one interview, during which they will be expected to talk about buildings they have visited or seen in books and to explain their responses to them, whether negative or positive. Some understanding of the role of the architect in society is also desirable. The interviewers may also wish to discuss the works in your portfolio. Whilst in Cambridge for your interview, candidates will be asked to sit a written assessment, which will have an essay component and a sketching component. This will be the same across all Colleges and more information can be found on the University website.

  • Typical offer conditions

    Our typical conditional offer in Architecture is A*AA at A level. IB offers are usually for a minimum of 40-42 points, to include 776 or 777 at Higher level in relevant subjects. Offers are designed to be realistic, taking into account individual circumstances, and to reflect potential and likely levels of achievement. Most of those who receive offers will attain the grades required.