The Brewhouse stands next to the Masters’ Lodge. It was probably built as a house in the early 16th Century, originally with its own gardens. While the Masters’ Lodge was being built, it was occupied by the Beaumont family. When they moved into the Lodge in 1701 the Brewhouse was incorporated into the Lodge’s garden and it was no longer used as a house. For at least some time it functioned as a small brewhouse, probably brewing for the Lodge and College. In the 19th century its northern end was incorporated into Pembroke Library.

For much of the 20th century it was used only as a store shed. In the late 2000s the Master Professor Adrian Dixon, cleaned it out and proposed that it be restored. Giles Quarme & Associates planned the restoration and addition of an external staircase and disabled lift.

Brewhouse before restoration (photo by Q. Mayle)

The restoration was completed in 2022, restoring the fabric of the building and developing a new function: as a music venue and practice room, and an office for the Director of Music.

Some of the fascinating discoveries made during the restoration can be seen on this short video.

The restored BrewhouseThe restoration won two Greater Cambridge Design and Construction Awards in 2022, for the ‘Best conservation, alteration, or extension of an existing building (under £2m construction costs’ and a ‘Craftsmanship Award’.Tbe Brewhouse construction award