Choir and Music

Singing in the Choir of Peterhouse in the atmospheric, intimate and candlelit Chapel is a wonderful and unique experience.

There are still currently a small number of vacancies in all four voice parts (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) in the choir for this coming academic year (October 2021). For more information, or to arrange an audition, please email the Director of Music.

The deadline for applying for a Choral Scholarship is in February, and the auditions take place in March. If you are interested in applying for a Choral Scholarship starting in October 2022, details of how to apply can be found on the University website. This year the audition process will take place online: please visit this page for information about how to prepare and what to expect at the audition. You don't have to be a music student to apply: members of the Choir study a wide range of subjects. The College's Director of Music, is always pleased to hear from potential applicants. To apply, please email with a copy of the application form (available here), or for more information, please email the College's Director of Music, Dr Simon Jackson.

If you are interested in applying for an Organ Scholarship at Peterhouse, please click here. We currently have a vacancy for entry as an Organ Scholar to start in October 2022. The deadline for applications is at the beginning of September 2021. For more information about how to apply for the Organ Scholarship, please visit here. The Director of Music is always happy to hear from potential applicants - please email him here.

Music this term

The current music list for Easter Term 2021 can be downloaded here.

About the choir

'...a stunning performance...' E-Luminate Trail of Light 2015

'... an incredible sound...' Canterbury Cathedral

Peterhouse Chapel Choir is a friendly and diverse group of singers drawn from the student body of the College and beyond. The Choir consists of about twenty auditioned mixed voices who receive exhibitions or scholarships, singing music from across the centuries in our beautiful candle-lit Chapel. Until recently, the Choir has been directed by undergraduate Organ Scholars; but in a recent and exciting new development, the College has appointed its first Director of Music, Dr Simon Jackson, who is responsible for the music in Chapel and across the College more widely. Dr Jackson is always delighted to hear from prospective students or members of the College interested in joining the Chapel Choir, and to provide information and guidance on applying for a Choral or Organ Scholarship at Peterhouse: for more information on these awards, please email him.

While the time commitment is relatively low, the Choir's musical standards are consistently high. Because the Choir is relatively small, for singers it represents an unparalleled opportunity to play a vital role in a tight-knit and intimate ensemble. Many go on to cathedral choral scholarships or postgraduate vocal studies.

Choral Evensong is sung twice weekly during Full Term, on Wednesdays (at 6.30pm, Michaelmas and Lent Term only) and Sundays (at 6pm). Choral Eucharist is sung once a term at a 6pm service of Corporate Communion. The Choir also sings grace in hall for the four annual College Feasts.

The Choir tours regularly to some of the finest destinations in Europe and beyond. Recently, tours have flown the Choir to such contrasting destinations as the Faroe Islands, Venice, Latvia and Lithuania, Tuscany, Provence, Andalucia and Iceland. All tours are generously subsidised by the College, which is extremely supportive towards the Choir and Organ Scholars.

Members of the Choir receive singing lessons from Ian Kennedy, Rachel Godsill and Richard Latham.

Please follow the Choir on Twitter @PeterhouseChoir and on Facebook for updates on the Choir's activities, services and concerts. You can also listen online to the Choir here.