The College's needs

Support may be expressed for all and any of the objectives of the Peterhouse Development Campaign. The following priority targets may be of special interest:

  • Peterhouse as a special and historic place:

    • the Whittle Building to complete Gisborne Court: a new building for Junior Members and to create a commercial income stream through vacation conferences.  The objective is to create further scope for revenue-generating conferences in the niche up-scale market through adding  a further 32 en suite rooms in a new building completing the fourth side of  Gisborne Court. The first phase of the project (the creation of M Staircase) has been completed and work on the new building and the refurbishment of Fen Court started in August 2012. This is not about admitting more students, it is about enhancing the 'Peterhouse experience' by bringing a greater proportion of students within the walls – and about underpinning College finances by selling off outlying houses or renting them out commercially;

    • restoration of the Snetzler organ in the Chapel;
    • the Perne Library - £40,000 conserves, catalogues and digitises the unique 17th Century Peterhouse music manuscripts in your name; £200 conserves an individual historic volume, to bear your name on a bookplate.

  • Peterhouse as a community of people:

    • overseas Studentships: £100,000 (£4,000 p.a.) creates and names one studentship;

    • access or hardship grants: £25,000 (£1,000 p.a.) funds and names one grant;

    • Choral Scholarships: £2,500 (£100 p.a.) funds and names one scholarship;

    • the College clubs and societies: £10,000 (£400 p.a.) supports a College society's work – educational, cultural, or sporting – in your name;

    • the Boat Club: £20,000 funds and names a new rowing eight; donations of any amount to the Peterhouse Boat Club Fund will enable the Boat Club to achieve its aim of becoming independent of College support.

  • Peterhouse as a home of education and intellectual life:

    • College Teaching Officers: £40,000 funds and names a Fellowship for a year;

    • University Teaching Officers: £8,000 funds and names a Fellowship for a year;

    • Research Fellowships: £30,000 funds and names a Fellowship for a year;

    • Graduate Studentships: £10,000 funds and names a studentship for a year;

    • College Prizes: £25,000 (£1,000 p.a.) creates and names a Tripos Prize.