This is a new course for 2024 entry. The four-year integrated Master of Design course combines architecture, structural engineering and materials science, placing a particular emphasis on mathematical and scientific literacy. More information about the structure of the Design course can be found on the University and department websites.

Course Requirements

All applicants for Design will be expected to being taking Mathematics to A-Level, or to be following an equivalent course of mathematical study. It is not required to have taken Chemistry or Physics but these subjects can be useful preparation for the course content. Art A Level can also be useful preparation, especially when compiling a portfolio of artwork. If you are not studying towards an Art course, we recommend contacting your school art teacher to get help on preparing a portfolio both for submission and for interview.

All applicants for Design are required to take written and practical assessments if shortlisted for interview. You will not need to register in advance for these assessments and the College will provide details directly to you. Assessment will consists of a 30 minute writing skills test and a 30 minute graphic and spatial ability test. More information can be found on the University website.

The application process

We ask all our Design applications to submit a portfolio of no more than 6 A4 pages to demonstrate their artistic interests and ability. Files should be in a PDF format and should not be more than 15 MB in size. The selection of images should, in part, reflect material you might bring to interview as part of your portfolio. We like to see a portfolio which demonstrates your ability to work in a range of media and in 2D and 3D.

All applicants invited to interview are expected to show a portfolio of recent work at interview but this is not expected to be work of an architectural nature (e.g., plans and sections). Interviewers are looking to see something that demonstrates your interests, experience and ability in the visual and material arts. This may include drawings, paintings, sculpture and/or photography. It is usually sufficient for 3D work to be exhibited in photographs. A sketchbook with ongoing drawings is extremely helpful and applicants are encouraged to take one to the interview. 

Candidates will generally have one interview, during which they will be expected to talk about buildings they have visited or seen in books and to explain their responses to them, whether negative or positive.

Typical Offer Conditions

Our typical conditional offer in Design is A*AA at A level, with an A* required in Mathematics. IB offers are usually for a minimum of 40-42 points, to include 776 or 777 at Higher level in relevant subjects. A 7 in Mathematics is required. Offers are designed to be realistic, taking into account individual circumstances, and to reflect potential and likely levels of achievement. Most of those who receive offers will attain the grades required.



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