The Library is very grateful for any donations of items not already in stock. However, we are limited by space (both shelf and storage), and by staff time, so we are only able to accept donations on the following grounds:

  1. They are books that we do not have in stock already or books that have not been superseded by other/similar titles already in stock.
  2. Preferably they are books of use to current undergraduates, such as recent academic publications; also rare books or items with a Peterhouse connection.
  3. The books are in good condition.
  4. Any unwanted items may be offered for sale to current students and staff and the proceeds of any sale will go towards the purchase of further titles in a similar subject area. 
  5. Donations cannot be kept in a separate collection.
  6. Donations cannot be collected as the cost of employing commercial removal is too high.
  7. A list of donations prior to acceptance would be most useful.
  8. Any books accepted into stock may be withdrawn from the collection at a later date if superseded by new editions, damaged, or no longer deemed suited to the needs of a working undergraduate library.
  9. Any titles added to stock or purchased will bear a donation plate recording the donor's name, date etc. If you would like us to omit your matriculation date or relationship to the College from the bookplate, or you would like your donation to remain anonymous, please let us know.


Please contact the Librarian if you would like to donate items to the Library.