The College has decided to make increasing the number of graduate studentships at Peterhouse a priority of the next phase of the Campaign. 

For some time now, the Fellows have been concerned that the real impact of tuition fees will be felt in a reduced number of able students choosing to undertake graduate studies.  When they graduate they will be confronted with the reality of significant debt and may well be disinclined to increase their debt to pay for further education.  In addition, it is now assumed that PhD candidates will have a Masters degree, even though there is little or no central funding available for Masters degrees. 

We have therefore established two graduate studentship funds, one for the arts and one for sciences. Donations to either one are viewed as ‘expendable endowment’  meaning that if suitable candidates present themselves we can spend donations as they are received, if not, then the donations will be used to augment the endowment fund.  We also welcome donors who wish to sponsor a student for the duration of their course, or to endow a studentship in perpetuity. The Development Director will be delighted to discuss these options with you.

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