The making of a Will is an important responsibility, especially where you have a family or others who depend upon you. The interests and wellbeing of relatives and close friends will naturally come first when you are making your Will. But we hope that, when you have provided for those closest to you, you will want also to remember your College, alongside other causes which mean much to you.

We obviously hope that it will be many years before we receive your legacy and bequests to the General Fund enable the College to allocate your gift to the most pressing Campaign priorities at that time.  We always try to allocate funds according to the likely interests of the donor – for example, if you read mathematics or engineering then we would use your bequest to support current students in those subjects in preference to anything else. However, if there is an area that is of particular interest to you then it is helpful if could let us know so that we can honour your wishes.

If you are planning to remember the College in your Will, Saskia Murk Jansen will be happy to discuss any detailed provisions with you to ensure that the College is fully aware of your intentions and will be in a position to fulfill them when the time comes.  She will also be pleased to add your name to the list of members of the William Stone Society so that you and your spouse or partner can be invited to events.