1. All books on open shelves may be borrowed except Reference books, Periodicals (both bound and unbound), and any other work on which it is stated that it is not to be taken out.  Junior Members may read works in the Reserve collections on application to the Librarian.
  2. All books must be issued on the computer, using the University card, and shown at the Control Desk on leaving the Library.   Any reader who removes a book without issuing it will be fined £20.
  3. Junior Members may have out up to five volumes altogether at any one time.  They may keep them for up to two weeks or until the end of Full Term, whichever is the shorter period.  All returned books must be handed to the Control Desk to be discharged before being re-shelved by the borrower.   Books may be renewed in the Library or electronically in Term.
  4. Up to ten volumes may be borrowed for vacation reading.  Books may be taken out for this purpose from the Wednesday before the end of Full Term.  For extra vacation loans please apply to the Librarian. All books borrowed for the vacation must be returned by, at the latest, the first day of next Full Term.   They must also be returned before any new borrowing is permitted.
  5. A reader who wishes to consult a book which has already been borrowed may ask the Assistant Librarian to recall it.  A book will not be recalled until the borrower has had it out for seven days.  Once a recall notice has been received, the book must be returned within twenty-four hours.
  6. Readers are asked to return to its shelf any book for which they have no further use.  They are also asked to remove their possessions from the tables at the end of each day.
  7. Readers who have overdue books in their possession are not permitted to make further borrowings until they have returned the overdue books.
  8. Readers’ coats, bags, including laptop bags, and umbrellas must be deposited in the cloakroom by the main entrance.
  9. It is forbidden to mark any library book, even in pencil.  Bottles of ink must not be brought into the Library: a supply of ink is available at the Control Desk.
  10. Smoking is prohibited.  Food and drink, including bottled water, must not be brought into the Library.  Mobile telephones must not be used in the Library: users will be fined.

These rules are intended for the convenience of all the Library’s users.  Anybody who breaks them should expect to be fined or, in certain cases, forbidden the use of the Library.