View across Reading Room to Front Hall

Library regulations

These rules are intended for the convenience of all the Library’s users.  Anybody who breaks them should expect to be fined or, in certain cases, forbidden the use of the Library. The Library is monitored by CCTV for security and for health and safety purposes.

1.        The Library is for the use of Peterhouse members only. Members of other Colleges are not permitted to use the Library.

2.        All books must be issued using the computer via your University Card. Any reader who removes a book without issuing it will be fined £20 per book.

3.        Readers are asked to re-shelve any book for which they have no further use. They are also asked to remove their possessions when they leave the Library for the day. Nothing should be kept in the Library overnight.

4.        Readers who have overdue books are not permitted to borrow further items until they have returned the overdue books.

5.        Bags, coats and umbrellas must be deposited in the cloakroom.

6.        It is forbidden to mark any library book, even in pencil. Bottles of ink must not be brought into the Library.

7.        Food and drink must not be brought into the Library. The exception is water contained in securely-capped, transparent bottles.

8.        Mobile phones must be turned to silent and no calls can be made or taken in the Library.

9.        Smoking (including the use of e-cigarettes) is not permitted anywhere in the Library building.