A garden at the Chelsea Flower Show inspired by HIV research.

25 May 2018


Warm congratulations to Peterhouse Professor of Medicine, Andrew Lever, and his collaborators from the CHERUB network of researchers for the garden at this year’s 2018 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, designed by Naomi Ferrett-Cohen and inspired by their research into the HIV virus. The garden traces the journey of a child born with HIV, starting in a pod which represents the safe cocoon of a clinic, moving past barriers and stigma, to a more open, welcoming garden and the better quality of life which current research is making possible.

The full story:  https://cambridgebrc.nihr.ac.uk/cambridge-researchers-put-blooming-good-show/

More about the RHS 2018 Chelsea Garden: ‘CHERUB HIV Garden: A life without walls’

More about the CHERUB research project: http://www.cherub.uk.net/