Arthur Sackrule book

Graceful Living: 50 Reflections for a Harmonious Life - by Petrean Arthur Sackrule (matric. 1966)

10 March 2021

Many a times, we find ourselves stuck with challenges which are detrimental to the peace of mind and harmony of our lives. On a daily basis we deal with many perceptional challenges like internal dialogues, misconceptions, limited or foveal vision, binary thinking, and classic dilemmas of ‘Should I do this or that? What is right or correct or true?’

Graceful Living: 50 Reflections for a Harmonious Life aims to stimulate reflections and awakenings that, according to Socrates, may contribute towards a life well lived. It deals with situations that we all encounter in our everyday life, for example, relating to others, building up greater self-esteem and self-love—all for the scope of fulfilling our goals and dreams. Consequently, it reflects a sort of universal ‘common sense’ that can be applied anywhere. It draws upon the best wisdom traditions, both from the East and the West, that have been confirmed by the latest research in neuroscience and made accessible mainly through NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). This book is dedicated to readers who wish to further their knowledge and mastery of some of the workings of the human mind.

This book is published by SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd and is available to purchase on Amazon here