Students sit in the Deerpark

Science Week Ceilidh: The Kelvin Bridge

10 April 2019

As part of his ethnomusicological activities, Petrean Ed Emery (m.1966) now runs the Red Rock Ceilidh Band. On 11 March they were the opening event for the Cambridge Science Festival, with a programme of specially designed scientifical dances. One of these was "The Kelvin Bridge", dedicated to Lord Kelvin, former fellow of Peterhouse, and featuring his work on the Kelvin Water Dropper, on the electrification of Peterhouse, and his magnificent machine for predicting tides. Other notable dances included "The Very Large Hadron Collider", "The Fibonacci Spiral" and "The Van Der Graaff Generator". We are happy to report that the dancers emerged from the experience much enlightened and more or less unscathed.