Past Publications

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The Whittle Booklet

The opening of the Whittle building has been one of the defining moments of 2015.  Please follow the link to read the full story The Whittle Booklet.


Peterhouse Manuscripts

Peterhouse, in conjunction with Boydell & Brewer, will publish three books describing the College’s collections and aspects of their history over the course of 2016-17.

These are:

  • an illustrated catalogue of the medieval manuscripts held at Peterhouse, prepared by Professor Rodney Thomson, which is the first such catalogue since that of M.R. James (1899) and the first catalogue to modern standards of the manuscript holdings of any Cambridge College;
  • an illustrated catalogue of the modern manuscripts held at Peterhouse, prepared by Elisabeth Leedham-Green and Scott Mandelbrote, which is the first publication devoted to the College’s holdings of manuscript materials written after 1500;
  • an illustrated collection of essays on the Peterhouse partbooks (the most important holding of early sixteenth- and early seventeenth-century manuscript music in Cambridge), covering all aspects of the history of the partbooks and their relationship to the College, its chapel, and its music from their acquisition in the 1630s until the rediscovery of three of the volumes in the 1920s and beyond.

Publication is expected at roughly six-monthly intervals from August 2016, and the opportunity is now available for members of the College to subscribe to volumes before publication. Approximately 150 copies of each publication are available for subscribers.

To order please print of the following order form and return to the Development Office at Peterhouse.