The College will complete its selection of successful applicants by early/mid January. Offers are then made by letter, and are normally conditional upon candidates’ performance at A level or equivalent. Places are also conditional on fulfilling immigration criteria (if applicable) and we may also set English language conditions (see below). For some courses such as Mathematics, Engineering or Computer Science with Mathematics, we may ask for certain grades in STEP examinations as part of any conditional offer made. This would be part of any conditional offer and there is no expectation that candidates should sit STEP before applying. More information can be found on the relevant course pages. 

Our typical conditional offer is A*AA in the Arts and Humanities (excluding Economics which is A*A*A) and A*A*A in the Sciences at A Level. Our Admissions Tutors assess each candidate individually and conditions are set accordingly. Our typical offer is based on three A levels; we do not require more than three A levels to be taken in Year 13. Please note that Mathematics A levels sat in Year 12 may be excluded from conditional offers but are still very much considered in admissions decisions. If you have any questions, please do get in touch with the Admissions Office

IB offers are usually for a minimum of 40-42 points, to include 776 or 777 at Higher level in relevant subjects. In certain subjects, we also make use of STEP Mathematics (always in Mathematics, sometimes in Engineering and Computer Science). 

Offers are designed to be realistic, taking into account individual circumstances, and to reflect potential and likely levels of achievement. Most of those who receive offers attain the grades required. Qualifications in General Studies and Critical Thinking are not taken into account in making admissions offers. 

In agreement with UCAS regulations, conditional offers are on the basis of examination results known by 31st August for both entry in October of the same year and, in the case of deferred applicants, for entry in October of the following year. Please note that if you do not meet your offer on results day, but are re-marked to a higher grade before 31st August, your conditional offer stands and your place is confirmed. In the case where a conditional offer is not confirmed, but a subsequent re-marking or re-grading of one or more examination scripts after 31st August results in a re-grading sufficient to fulfil the conditions of the offer, confirmation will be at the discretion of the Admissions Tutors.