Dr Andrew Grainger

Dr Grainger is consultant musculoskeletal radiologist at Cambridge University Hospitals. Within the subspeciality he has particular interests in sports imaging and imaging arthritis. 

He supervises anatomy at Peterhouse and teaches radiology and anatomy at undergraduate and postgraduate level. For the 2023 - 4 academic year Dr Grainger will be acting co-director of studies for pre-clinical medicine in the College.

Dr Grainger is involved in imaging amateur and professional athletes from a wide variety of sports and was on the organising committee to provide imaging for the London 2012 Olympics. He has also provided imaging for other major sporting events.

His research is clinically based and is particularly focused on imaging biomarkers for arthritis. Dr Grainger has over 150 peer reviewed publications and invited reviews and has contributed 25 book chapters and is editor of 7 books.

He has served on British, European and International radiology society committees and is currently the president of the British Society of Skeletal Radiology.

Recent publications and books:

  • Rowbotham EL, Grainger AJ, eds. Post-operative Imaging of Sports Injuries. Springer; 2020. ISBN 978-3-030-54591-8
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