Peterhouse offers up to three Elite Postgraduate Sports Scholarships of £3000 each academic year. These scholarships are open only to students who have been offered a place as a postgraduate student at Peterhouse, or are continuing to study there.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate a history of elite sports performance (usually at international level), and must indicate their intention to pursue their sport whilst they are at Cambridge.

Applicants are asked to write to the Tutor for Postgraduate Admissions, making a case for their consideration for the scholarship.

The letter of application should be accompanied by two references written on Headed Paper: one written by a professional sports coach, outlining the applicant’s achievements and potential in the relevant sport; another written by the Captain of the appropriate University sports team, outlining the contribution which the applicant might make to the sporting life of the University.

All of the applications that have been received by the Tutor for Postgraduate Admissions by 31 August will be reviewed by a Committee (which will include the Tutor for Postgraduate Admissions and the Senior Tutor) at that point, and two or three Scholarships will be awarded to the most deserving candidates. The Senior Tutor will communicate the award to the successful applicants after they have matriculated at the College.

Students who have received an Elite Postgraduate Sports Scholarship for one academic year, and who are continuing with their studies at Peterhouse thereafter, will normally receive an award the following year, if they intend to maintain a similar level of sporting commitment during that year. Such students will be asked to indicate this intention to the Senior Tutor by the 1 August, and to produce a supporting reference from the relevant University sports coach or captain.