Peterhouse Natural Sciences Outreach Lectures

 Dr Gerlach, one of the Directors of Studies in Natural Sciences (Biology) at Peterhouse, ran a series of online lectures introducing students to the study of Natural Sciences at degree level in May 2023. They covered topics such as how to approach scientific literature and how university science approaches pressing issues of our times, as well as admissions related topics such as how to choose a university course. They took the format of a short taster lecture followed by an hour's discussion of participants' questions, and were open to any student in Year 11/12/13 (England and Wales), S4/S5/S6 (Scotland) and Year 12/13/14 (Northern Ireland).

Recordings from previous years' lecture series

Lecture 1: Approaching scientific literature

Lecture 2: The scientific method

Lecture 3: The role of collections in the digital world

Lecture 4: How university science approaches pressing issues of our times

While these lectures focus on Natural Sciences through a biological lens, they are also relevant to students wishing to study physical sciences.