Peterhouse Society Rules

1. Name

The name of the Society is ‘The Peterhouse Society’.

2. Membership

2.1 Ordinary members: any person who has been admitted to Peterhouse is entitled to become an ordinary member of the Peterhouse Society after having completed three terms of residence. A Fellow of the College is so entitled on admission as a Fellow. However, the Society at an Annual General Meeting, on the recommendation of the Committee, may, in exceptional cases, waive the residence requirement, reject a person otherwise entitled to become a member, or withdraw membership.

2.2 Honorary members: the Committee may propose to an Annual General Meeting, for election as an honorary member of the Society, any person connected with the College not qualified for ordinary membership. Honorary membership shall lapse if the person concerned becomes qualified for ordinary membership.

3. Object

3.1 The object of the Society is to promote a close relationship among members of Peterhouse and between them and the College, with a view to encouraging a climate of support for the College and all its members, resident and non-resident.

3.2 In pursuit of this object, the Committee:

a) shall arrange an annual Gathering of the Society;

b) may arrange such other activities and events for members of the Society, or for groups within the whole membership of the Society, as it considers appropriate;

c) in conjunction with the College, shall compile and maintain a list of addresses and a register of all members of the Society and make these available to members of the Society in such ways and at such intervals as the Committee approves;

d) may make gifts and loans from the Society’s funds to the College and to College Clubs and Societies from time to time.

4. Subscriptions

A single subscription shall be payable by ordinary members for life membership of the Society. The level of the subscription shall be fixed from time to time by a majority of those present and voting at an Annual General Meeting of the Society.

5. Officers

5.1 The officers of the Society are a President (the Master of the College for the time being), one or more Vice-Presidents (who hold office for life), a Chairman, a Treasurer, a Secretary (who shall be a Fellow of the College if possible), and such local Secretaries as the Committee may decide.

5.2 The officers, other than the President, shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, and, other than the President and the Vice-Presidents, shall hold office for three years. Nominations to specified offices, with the names of the proposer and seconder and with confirmation by the nominee of his or her willingness to serve, must be sent to the Secretary at least six weeks before the Annual General Meeting.

5.3 The retiring Chairman shall not be eligible for re-election for a period of three years after retirement from office. Officers and members of the Committee who are due to retire in a given year shall hold office until the close of the Annual General Meeting of that year.

6. The Committee

6.1 The management of the Society is entrusted to a Committee, consisting of the Chairman, the Treasurer, the Secretary, and twelve members of the Society elected at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations to membership of the Committee, with the names of proposer and seconder and with confirmation by the nominee of his or her willingness to serve, must be sent to the Secretary at least six weeks before the Annual General Meeting. Normally, members of the Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting shall serve for three years, four retiring annually by rotation. If a member ceases to serve on the Committee for any reason, a successor may be co-opted by the Committee and subsequently proposed for election at the Annual General Meeting for the remainder of the three-year period. The Committee may co-opt additional members of the Society to membership of the Committee.

6.2 The administration of the funds of the Society is vested in the Committee, who have full powers to invest or otherwise deal with the funds on behalf of the Society. All investments must be made in the names of two trustees, to be appointed by the Committee, but who will normally be the Chairman and the Treasurer for the time being.

6.3 The Committee shall meet at least twice in every year. At all meetings of the Committee seven shall form a quorum.

7. Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Society is held on the day fixed for the annual Gathering. Notice of any business to be brought before the meeting must be sent to the Secretary at least six weeks before the day fixed for the meeting, and the Secretary shall send out notice of the meeting at such time and in such manner as the Committee determines. At this meeting the Annual Report of the finances of the Society, duly audited, shall be presented, and such other business shall be considered as the Committee determines.

8. Extraordinary General Meetings

The Committee may, and upon a written request signed by at least twenty-five members of the Society stating the object for which it is called must, call an Extraordinary General Meeting. At least fourteen days’ notice of such meeting shall be given, in such manner as the Committee determines, and the object for which it is called must be stated in the notice. No other business is to be taken at such a meeting.

9. Alteration in the Rules

No alteration in the Rules of the Society may be made except at a General Meeting, and by a majority of two-thirds of those present and voting, and any proposed alteration must be stated in the notice calling the meeting.

9th December 1924 (amended 23rd June 1934, 28th June 1952, 1st July 1955, 8th December 1959, 12th December 1961, 19th April 1963, 19th May 1967, 1st July 1978, 28th June 1980, 3rd July 1982, 29th June 1985, 8th July 2000, and 7th July 2001).