Peterhouse houses all postgraduate students for their 1-year course or for the first 3 years of PhD courses.  Room licences run from 1st October - 1st September each year and will roll on for continuing postgraduates.  Students wishing to leave before the end of their licence are able so to do with a month's notice to vacate, organised through the accommodation office.  Rents are paid on a monthly basis and are inclusive of bills and insurance.  Rents fall roughly into the following bands:

Room in shared accommodation 2022/23:

Band 1: £350/month

Band 2: £398/month

Band 3: £446/month

Band 4: £483/month

Band 5: £520/month

Band 6: £557/month

Band 7: £594/month

Band 8: £631/month

Self-contained accommodation:

Band 9: £727/month - studio flat

Band 10: £833/month - Cosin Court 1 bedroom flat

Band 11: £886/month - 1-bedroom flat

Band 12: £939/month - large 1-bedroom flat

Band 13: £1098/month - 2-bedroom flat

Band 14: £1204/month - large 2-bedroom flat