Research Associateships

The competition has closed for this year and will reopen in August  2021 for associateships starting in January 2021. Details below are for information only.

Peterhouse runs an open competition each year to appoint up to 4 non-stipendiary Research Associate posts.  The appointees must hold a postdoctoral full-time employment contract in a University or University-related Department and have no existing or previous affiliation to another Cambridge College. Petreans in a similar situation are also asked to send their CV to the Master with a covering letter if they wish to be considered for Honorary Research Associate status.

The appointment is for 2 years from January 2020 with a possible extension of 1 year (but always coterminous with a substantive University appointment).

As the RA scheme at Peterhouse is non-stipendiary, no stipend is paid to an RA and no residential accommodation is provided. There is no requirement for RAs to provide teaching for the College, but an interest in contributing to College teaching if required would be welcomed and any teaching undertaken for College would be remunerated at the appropriate rate.

As Members of the College, RAs enjoy a range of privileges and access to facilities. They are offered Category IV dining privileges (1 free dinner  per week or 1 free lunch per week), use of the Parlours when dining and other College facilities (e.g. library, sports facilities). They are also encouraged to get involved in College activities, including social and other events organised by the graduate MCR community.

Applications for 2020 are now invited.  Applicants should complete the form below and provide a short personal statement (max 500 words) explaining why they wish to become a Research Associate and how they might contribute to College life (including possible teaching). This should be accompanied by 2 references which should include comments on your experience of teaching if appropriate. The form should be accompanied by a full CV.  

Forms, CVs and references should be sent to by Friday 18 October 2019.

Research Associateship Application Form