Meal Times
Meals are available at the following times during the main licence period:
Breakfast is served from 8.00am – 9.30am, Monday to Friday
Brunch is served from 10.30am – 1.30pm on Saturdays only
The Servery is open between 11.45am – 12.00pm, Monday to Friday for purchases of sandwiches, snacks and drinks etc. to take-away
Self-service Lunch is available from 12.00pm – 1.30pm, Monday to Friday
Self-service dinner is available from 5.45pm – 6.45pm daily

Junior Members will only be served breakfast, lunch or dinner in Hall on presentation of a valid means of payment.  Items purchased in the Servery may be charged via the University Multipurpose Security Card (or the Upay QR code) to an individual’s Upay account. Payments via Credit/Debit cards are also accepted. Meal prices are variable, dependent on individual choice of dishes.  Prices may be adjusted throughout the year in line with market/manufacturers’ movements.


Junior Members are asked to take their trays back to the trolley provided after breakfast, lunch and self-service dinner, and place any take-away rubbish in the bins provided.  College crockery, cutlery or glassware should not be stored in gyps or bedrooms.


Meals During Vacations
There are periods within each of the vacations when the kitchens are closed completely.  However, luncheon may be available on weekdays, when the kitchens are open to provide other lunches.