All students at Cambridge have to be a member of one of the colleges that make up the University. You can make an 'open' application, but most still apply to a particular college. Your college will be your academic and personal home for the whole of your degree course, so it is important to choose somewhere you will feel comfortable and where you can thrive.

As the oldest Cambridge college (founded in 1284) with the smallest student body, Peterhouse offers a unique environment and is, above all, a stimulating and friendly place to be for both undergraduates and graduate students.

Peterhouse is a tight-knit and supportive community, where new students quickly feel at home, regardless of their background, and find it easy to participate in the College’s vibrant academic, extra-curricular and social life.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no 'typical' Cambridge student and the same is true of Peterhouse students: our undergraduates and graduates come from an enormously wide range of backgrounds with varied interests and opinions. Many come from overseas. The only things Peterhouse students have in common are high academic ability, a commitment to their subject and a willingness to work hard.

This diversity is nothing new. The College boasts an impressive roster of illustrious alumni in every field from poet Thomas Gray to scientists Charles Babbage and Lord Kelvin. More recent graduates include the Oscar-winning film director Sam Mendes, bass guitarist of Radiohead Colin Greenwood and Olympic gold-medallist Stephanie Cook.

As the oldest college, there is a real sense of history at Peterhouse. Students live and work in buildings which have been in continuous use for over 700 years - although not all of our buildings are that old, the new Whittle Building opened as recently as January 2015. The College's site is centrally located but off the tourist trail and in a relatively quiet part of town. Peterhouse is able to house all its students for the duration of their course, offering some of the best rooms in Cambridge at a wide range of rents. Our grounds are large relative to the number of students we have, allowing plenty of space, indoors and out, to relax and feel at home. Facilities and support, both academic and extra-curricular, are of a high standard.

If you are considering joining this thriving academic community, please go to our Admissions pages for Undergraduates and Postgraduates.