The Porters 

The Porters' Lodge is manned at all times, day and night. The Porters are ready to answer many questions about the College and town. They have first-aid materials and, if needed, may be roused by a night bell after the College has been locked for the night. They must be alerted in case of injury or fire. 

The Offices

The following are Offices in the College that junior members are likely to need to visit. The Duty Porter may be expected to direct inquirers to the right office for any purpose. The Offices are: 

The Tutorial Office 

Junior members are often asked to call at the Tutorial Office: it is here that academic matters are dealt with. The Office is opposite the south side of the Chapel and at the first door past the Porters' Lodge. Unless asked to call urgently, undergraduates are expected to observe the hours of the Tutorial Office. These are: 

Mondays - Fridays: 10.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m. and 2.00 p.m. - 4.00 p.m.


The Finance Office

The Finance Office is in the building on the opposite side of the Chapel from the Porters' Lodge and Tutorial Office. It is here that financial matters are dealt with. The door at the top of the steps has a large brass door knocker. Callers should not knock but should open the door and turn right for the College Office. The hours of the College Office when Junior Members may call are: 

Mondays - Fridays: 9.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. and 2.15 -3.00 p.m.

The College Office 

This is in the same building as the Finance Office but turn left instead of right. Any students wishing to see the Senior Bursar or Master may call here for an appointment. The hours of the College Office are:

Mondays - Fridays: 8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. 


The Accommodation Office

Mrs Corinne Davidson,  Domestic Services Manager, is responsible for the day-to-day management of accommodation. She may be contacted by email at

The Conference Co-ordinator's Office: L2 (a) 

College Guest Rooms may be booked here. Opening hours are displayed on the door. 


College Officers

(Fellows of the College) 

Senior Tutor: Dr S. Hampton

Senior Bursar: Mr I. Wright


Dr S. Hampton

Prof M. Jones

Dr H. Porter

Dr J. Talbot

Dr. S. Lunn-Rockliffe (Postgraduate Tutor)

Dr C.G. Lester (Postgraduate Tutor)

Tutor of Discipline: Dr G. Christie

Steward: Dr A. White

Dean: Dr S. Hampton 

Ward Librarian: Mr S.H. Mandelbrote

Perne Librarian: Mr S.H. Mandelbrote