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Where does the money go?

The Council decides each year what projects the Friends should support.  Its particular focus in recent years has been the alleviation of student hardship.


In respect of the academic year 2010/2011 the Friends made grants to the College totalling £62,725, the bulk of which was applied as follows:


  • £43,000 was spent to provide direct financial support for hard-pressed undergraduate and graduate students.  Peterhouse is part of the University‘s Bursary Scheme, which is administered and partially financed by the Newton Trust.  Students are assessed on financial need to determine the amount of their bursary, which is paid in part by the Newton Trust and in part by the College.  The Friends paid the bulk of the College’s share of the Newton Trust Bursaries awarded to Peterhouse Students.


  • £17,00 was paid to the Senior Tutor for use at his discretion to alleviate hardship and support students in other ways.  These funds have in the past been used for a variety of purposes: for example, to assist undergraduates to prepare for tripos examinations by absorbing the cost of staying in College during the Easter vacation; to provide child care to enable students with small children to attend supervisions and examinations; and to provide emergency medical assistance.


  • £2,257 was paid for College prizes for academic achievement in Tripos examinations.


In previous years the Friends have provided funds to upgrade or improve those College facilities which are of particular benefit to students.  In 2007/2008, for example, the Friends funded the refurbishment of the squash court and replaced outdated fitness equipment in the gym.  In 2008/2009 the Friends contributed £7,500 towards the provision of motorised blackout blinds in the Friends of Peterhouse Theatre.


Administrative expenses: members of Council give of their time entirely freely and do not charge expenses.  Administrative expenses are therefore minimal and incurred only where the Friends is required to secure outside services, such as an independent verification of its accounts.