College Bills

College Bills are issued termly for all Junior Members. Bills will include charges in advance for termly room rental (Undergraduates only), and charges in arrears for catering charges, vacation residence charges, library fines etc.

College Bills are issued in accordance with the following timetable:

            October           -           Prepayment MT rent bills  (Undergraduates only)

            December        -           Michaelmas Term bills  

            April                -           Lent Term bills

            Early June       -           Estimated Easter Term bills for graduands  (Undergraduates)

            July                  -          Easter Term bills


Bills are issued soon after the end of each term and must be settled in full no later than thirty days from their date of issue. Late payment may attract an administration charge of £25 and interest at the rate of 0.25% per week.

Junior Members with queries in relation to their College Bills should consult the Accounts Clerk in the College Office without delay via:

In order to avoid interest charges, those items which are not in dispute must be paid by the due date.

For more information on College Bills, please see section 9 of the Student Handbook.