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Dates and deadlines

The menu below contains basic timelines for the admissions process, from the point of applying at UCAS up until the day you arrive at Peterhouse.

  • Applicants

    These dates are for the 2017-18 admissions round.

    This is an outline of the deadlines which apply to our applicants. Don't worry - we'll be in touch to request exactly the information we need from you, this is just a reminder of what we may ask for and when. If there's anything you are unsure about, or if anything is proving difficult or confusing, then please do get in touch.

    What do I have to do? Who has to do it? When by? Remember...
    Complete COPA Applicants living or at school outside EU, Organ Scholarship applicants Dates differ - see FAQ Apply by 20th September if you would like to be considered for interview in China, Malaysia, or Singapore. Candidates from neighbouring countries such as Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands may be eligible for interview in China, Malaysia, or Singapore.
    Apply at UCAS All applicants 15th October, 6pm UK time This deadline is strict - late submission will invalidate your application.
    Register for pre-interview assessments Applicants required to sit a pre-interview assessment - this requirement differs by course 15th October, 6pm UK time, except for BMAT (for Medics) which is either 18th August (for the September sitting) or 1st October, 5pm UK time (for the November sitting) In many cases, your school or college's exams officer will be able to help you. There is an entrance fee for the BMAT for Medicine but the other assessments don't have any registration fee.
    Complete SAQ All applicants 22nd October, 6pm UK time This deadline is strict - late submission will invalidate your application.
    Apply for a visitor visa Applicants travelling from Overseas for interview in Cambridge Soon! Make sure you apply for the right type of visa (see the International Student Team's website for guidance); bear in mind that not all students are invited for interview, so if you're planning to book flights before you get an interview invitation from us then make sure your tickets are refundable.
    Return Applicant Questionnaire All applicants 8th November You must submit this even if you have been/are being interviewed overseas.
    Submit Statement of Results All applicants who have taken any AS/A level modules 8th November Submit evidence of any UMS scores that you have declared on UCAS/SAQ. If you don't have the original statement, we can accept a letter either on school headed paper, or signed and verified by a teacher. This applies to post-A Level applicants too.
    Submit Written work with cover sheet Most Arts/Humanities applicants (see the letter in your welcome pack, or our subject list for details) 8th November Attach a copy of the coversheet to every copy of every essay you send us; include the correct number of copies (indicated in your welcome email).
    Respond to interview invitation All those invited to interview in Cambridge 24th November Confirm whether you would like to accept any offers of meals/accommodation.
    Attend interview Applicants invited to Cambridge for an interview Mostly 29th November-14th December Report to the Common Room 10 minutes before each appointment.
    Admissions Office closed for Christmas Peterhouse Admissions Office 22nd Dec-2nd Jan inclusive  
    Wait for the result of your application! All applicants who were interviewed mid January  
    Attend pool interview A small number of applicants, who will be reinterviewed by another College mid January Make sure you are in email/phone contact during 7th-11th January.
    Request feedback Unsuccessful applicants who want feedback on their applications 31st January Contact us by email to request this - feedback cannot be given over the phone.

    If you've lost any of your forms, or didn't receive them, don't hesitate to get in touch with us to email you new ones. Likewise, if you're not sure which of the above applies to you, please do give us a call/email on 01223 338223/ Unless otherwise stated, all forms/paperwork should be submitted by post to Peterhouse Admissions Office, Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1RD. Please note that we do not acknowledge receipt of documents but will regularly update you on what we have received and what we are missing.

  • Offer-holders

    This is an outline of the deadlines which apply to our offer holders for the 2018 cycle. Don't worry - we'll be in touch to request exactly the information we need from you, this is just a reminder of what we may ask for and when. If there's anything you are unsure about, or if anything is proving difficult or confusing, then please do get in touch.

    What do I have to do? Who has to do it? When by? Remember to... Notes
    Attend Offer-holder Open Day All are invited 9th February RSVP yes by ast Feb if you'd like to come! Your parents are welcome to come and say Hi too!        
    Return Cambridge Trusts application form* Offer-holders with 'Overseas' fee status who require additional financial support Tuesday 13th February Only submit this form if you have financial need. The application form is emailed to relevant offer-holders in January. Submission by return email is recommended. An overview of financial support available for Overseas offer-holders can be found here
    Apply for a Student Loan Any Home student who would like financial support can apply As soon as possible - it can take a long time to get processed Give the Student Loans Company permission to share your information with your Institutions if you wish to be considered for a Cambridge Bursary. To do this, do NOT tick the 'Opt out' box when applying to SLC. More guidance can be found on our webpage
    Apply for a Choral Award Any offer-holder can apply 15th February Arrange your references in good time.  
    Inform us (by email) whether you require a visa to study at Cambridge All offer-holders with 'Overseas' fee status 23rd April    
    Apply for an Instrumental Award Any offer-holder can apply 28th February    
    Return Health Assessment form and Immunisation Record form to OH Medicine offer-holders Friday 2nd March Return these forms to Occupational Health (not the Admissions Office): Occupational Health,
    16 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1SB
    Queries should be directed to the Occupational Health Service: or 01223 336594.
    Submit DBS form Medicine offer-holders TBC usually end April Include evidence of online payment. The Student Registry Office will send you the application form, which you should return to the Admissions Office at Peterhouse for checking. We recommend posting your valuable documents by recorded delivery, and we will return them as such.
    Return Financial Guarantee form All offer-holders Tuesday 8th May  See our Frequently Asked Questions page to get it right the first time.  
    Submit certificates for all qualifications declared on your UCAS application All offer-holders Tuesday 8th May  Include all qualifications declared on UCAS - GCSE, AS, A level etc. Conditional offer-holders should send photocopies of GCSEs or any certificated AS levels (or equivalent). Unconditional offer-holders must send originals (we recommend by recorded delivery) which will keep until you come up to study here (unless you request for it to be sent back for some reason).
    Reply at UCAS All offer-holders Depends - usually May/June   If you don't respond on UCAS then you will Decline the offer by default - so don't forget!
    Complete Accommodation Preference webform All offer-holders in July   We will send details to you by email over the summer.
    Submit exam results Some offer-holders with academic conditions, mostly outside the UK or those already at university (see notes column) 31st August Send original certificates We receive results direct from exam boards for AS and A levels (including CIE), IB, STEP, Pre-U, Irish Leaving Certificate, Access to HE, EPQ, SQA and Welsh Baccalaureate. We don't receive results for other European qualifications, US qualifications (including APs or SATs), IELTS, Canadian, Australian or other overseas qualifications. We also don't get results from any other university.
    Submit near-miss form A level offer-holders who don't achieve the grades required ASAP on Results Day (Thursday 16th August) Don't do this if you made your grades - there's no need! The referee you declared on your UCAS form is aware that we need this information, so ask them for help.
    All offer conditions must be met All offer-holders (including deferred) 31st August You must send us everything detailed in your offer letter/on UCAS by this date.  
    Travel to Cambridge Overseas (non-UK/EU) students From 22nd September   Overseas students should aim to arrive a few days earlier than other students to allow time to acclimatise to the UK, adjust to the time difference, and attend activities for International Students.
    Travel to Cambridge Home (UK/EU) students Saturday 29th September   If you need to travel up earlier than this date, you can arrange this by contacting the Rooms Coordinator

    *Note regarding Financial Guarantees for offer-holders: you do not need to prove that you have more than three years of funding if the additional year(s) are optional, i.e. for Maths, Computer Science, Natural Sciences. Evidence for four years of funding is only required for AMES, MML, the 4yrs Classics course (and Engineers intending to sit the fourth year); or six years for Medicine. But please also note that if you are applying for funding for your course (whether it's to Student Finance, the Cambridge Overseas Trusts, or another external body) you should apply for the maximum number of years that you are likely to be on the course.


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