The Friends of Peterhouse is a charity formed in 1979 originally “to advance the educational and charitable work of the College”. Over its history it initially provided grants towards College building and equipment, for example the Friends of Peterhouse Theatre.  For much of the 1990’s and 2000’s it focussed on providing financial assistance (hardship) and promoting a broader outreach to schools.  In recent years it has centred its support on undergraduate and postgraduate wellbeing, with a particular emphasis on mental health.

Over the last decade, its grants have steadily risen to c.£90,000 in a typical year.

The Friends’ funds derive from legacies, member donations and its investment income.  Its investment strategy is reviewed every three years and has recently been more aligned with environmental and socially responsible companies in part to reflect the wishes of the student body.  Due to the complexities of investment markets and increasing regulatory burdens, the management of its investments has been placed with a professional manager overseen by the Council’s Investment Committee.  

The Friends seek to complement the College’s Development campaign, not compete with it, so that donors have a range of ways of helping the College and its students.  Since 2020 there is also a Friends of Peterhouse Student Welfare Initiatives Fund as one of the pledge options within the annual College Development telephone campaign.  

In addition to its general activities, the Friends received a significant endowment many years ago to establish a Medical Fund.  This has been restricted in accordance with the donor’s wishes to funding leading edge research into adolescent mental health, bipolar disorder and related conditions.  The fund is currently supporting three postgraduate researchers under the guidance and direction of Professor Edward Bullmore in the Department of Psychiatry.

The Charity is governed by a Council of up to 16 Petreans, elected by its members, who come from a wide range of matriculation years, with diverse profiles and have a variety of skills and experience, acting wholly on a voluntary basis.  The Council works in close co-operation with the College and meets twice each year.  An Annual General Meeting has historically been held at the College at the Gathering, usually in June but has been held virtually each September since the Pandemic.

Registered Charity Number:        279697
Registered Company Number:    1466716

•    I Peters (Chairman) (m. 1977)
•    A Abrahams (m. 2009)
•    C C B Duffett (m. 1962)
•    The Revd Dr S W P Hampton (Dean and Senior Tutor)
•    M D Holmes (m. 1993)
•    D C Jeffreys (Hon. Treasurer) (m. 1980)
•    E Kreling (m. 2000)
•    Z-Z Lescrooge (m. 2008)
•    The Hon. Sir Paul Morgan (m. 1971)
•    E C Neve (Hon. Secretary) (m. 1967)
•    J Q Q Quan (m. 2008)
•    H A Thornley (m. 1999)
•    P Vanninen (m. 1987)

Financial Statements

The 'Friends of Peterhouse' is an independent charity and manage their finances and investments separately from those of the College.  Please see below the most recent financial statements of their accounts: Friends of Peterhouse accounts.